A Dangerous Game (Masters of Chaos MC Book 1)




A Dangerous Game


Masters of Chaos MC


Eden Rose







Dear Reader:

I’m thrilled to introduce you to this sexy couple. After being shunned from the only family she has ever known, Sinclair does the only thing she knows how. She becomes a porn star. Now that Hulk needs a place to stay, he’s back in the same house as the one that got away.


What could possibly go wrong in the dangerous games we play?

XOXO, Eden








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This is a work of fiction. Any similarities are completely coincidental.

























A Dangerous Game




“So tell me how you got into porn?” The video producer asks me as I sit in a bathrobe with nothing under it.


Well, I could do the normal bull shit answer where I mention my daddy didn’t pay enough attention to me or some shit. Truth is, he did. We just wanted different things for me. He wanted me to be a biker’s ol’ lady, I wanted a degree and ended up becoming a porn star. “Huh, I guess I never really thought about it. I just kinda fell into it.”


Cara Hawke looks at her notes and then smiles at me with her fake white teeth. Great. That’s the smile of “things are about to get more personal.” She’s a fake blonde lady with some dark eyebrows. Most people hate her because she has the ability to get into your history and exploit it. She once made my friend, Candace, cry because she mentioned her past drug addiction.


“Well, according to my records, you became the guardian to your two nieces after the death of your older brother. Do you think that has something to do with it?”


I look at her and throw my naturally brown but blonde hair over my shoulder. I hate when people bring up Gabe. What happened to him is a travesty and many people are still affected about it. Including my two nieces. “It’s a possibility,” I say laced with hostility. “However, I was filming before I took over custody.”


“Well,” she draws it out and then looks at me, “how do you feel now that you are a single guardian and doing porn? Do you think you will retire?”


I look up at the ceiling and ask Gabe for strength. This is why I hate these meetings or interviews. Personally, I call them a grilling but White Hot Productions say they are beneficial. “Only time will tell, Cara. If you excuse me, I need to go pick up my nieces.” I slide down the director-like chair and walk off the stage.


“Wait! Sinclair, we still have twenty more minutes!” She hollers after me but I keep walking.


As I walk out of the area, I kick my shoes off and run to my dressing room.


On the outside, I’m Sinclair Price, Queen of Porn, but really, I’m Sinclair Mendoza, trying to find my way like the rest of you.





“Now, young lady, you know cheating in class is wrong, right?” Tommy Too Good asks me with a smirk on his face letting me know he’s loving this scene.


I nod my head demurely. “Yes, sir. I’m so sorry. Please don’t tell my parents!” I beg shamelessly and twirl my finger in my right pigtail. My blonde hair is divided straight down the middle into slutty pigtails and hitting just above my tits.


His dark brown eyes glimmer in the lights of the production hall but its his smile that warms his face. Its that smile that turns all the ladies into mush. “I don’t know. Cheating is a pretty serious crime and I don’t think I can let you get off with just a warning…”


“Please!” I beg and pout. “My parents will ground me! I can’t be grounded this close to prom.”


Tommy’s smile curves down but he’s still hot. His chest is straining the buttons on his shirt along with the sleeves too. His honey brown eyes gleam in the lights against his dark skin. “I don’t know… I can’t let others think I have a thing for you. It wouldn’t be fair, would it?”


“If you won’t let me get off, let me do something for you!” I blurt out convincingly.


“And what’s that, Sinclair?”


Smirking at him, I slide out of my seat and land on my knees in front of him. He’s standing in front of the teacher’s desk with a stack of papers right behind him.


I place my hands on his belt to start loosening it but he stops me right away.


“What do you think you’re doing?” He barks at me with fake disdain.


“Since you won’t let me get off, let me get you off,” I answer him matter-of-factly.


Tommy’s eyes dilate as he stares down at me. “You better make it good. You know? You’re a bad fuckin’ girl for cheating in my class!”


“I know, sir. I’m so sorry!”


My fingers undo his belt quickly and get rid of the barriers between my mouth and his dick. It’s only a matter of seconds before his dick is throbbing and aiming right for my mouth. He’s got one of the biggest dicks around and I love how its pierced right up the middle.


The cocky bastard knows he’s got a beautiful dick too.


“Are you going to finger your naughty little pussy, too?”


“Yes, sir!”


I wink up at him just as my mouth descends on the mushroom head of his dick. I lick around the head and make loud slurping noises as I do.


“Yes, Sinclair! Suck my dick like the naughty whore you are!”


Taking the praise, I place my left hand around his shaft and begin to pump my mouth up and down in tandem with my fist. It’s not long before he’s moaning loudly and then humping my face.


“That’s my naughty whore!” He chants.


“Cut!” Director Jim shouts from his director’s chair.


Taking my mouth off his dick, I wipe around my mouth and let the guys help me off my knees. “How’d it look?” I ask with pure curiosity. I like to make sure that my scenes look real and honest.


I hate fake ass porn shoots that look faker than shit.


Director Jim nods over to the camera crew with hard ons in their pants. “Does that answer your question?”


I giggle and then walk over to the kitchen to get a drink of water.

This is one of my favorite production halls that White House Productions bought. It’s got a full servicing kitchen and twenty different rooms with different themes in them as well.


It’s one of the bigger production halls they bought and created recently.


Hence, this beautiful kitchen.




I turn my head to see Holly prancing over to me with a smile on her face. “You’re so good at that Naughty School Girl act!”


“Thanks, sweetie! When’s your next shoot?” I ask her and chug my water bottle. Once it’s empty, I throw it in the recycling bin before grabbing another one out of the fridge.


“In an hour so I thought I would watch you perform. Tommy is so hot!” Holly gushes.


Holly Harder is one of the newest talent that White Hot Productions signed and she’s got stars in her eyes. Granted, we have several amazingly talented stars, she can’t be mooning over them like this. It’s going to give them a bigger complex than before. Plus, it alienates her from the rest of us.


Taking a deep swig off the fresh water bottle, Director Jim strolls over with his pervy smile on his face. “Look at my two blonde beauties.”


“Thanks, Jim,” I murmur with zero gratitude.


He’s got a balding head, a handle bar mustache and a beer gut that hangs over his pants. The man is the least bit attractive but he’s a major porn director.


“We’re about to start again. Oh, Sin,” he adds.




He hands me over my phone. “You’ve got a phone call from someone named Thorn.”


My back straightens and my blood runs cold.


Pushing my hair back, I look at the phone that’s in his hand as if it’s going to bite me. The phone could possibly do that because the last time I spoke to Thorn was when he told me he hated me.


“Did you speak to him?” I question while still staring at the phone.


Jim pushes the phone in his hand and then lets out his signature groan of annoyance. It’s his tell when he gets pissed off about being asked dumb questions. “I answered the mother fuckin’ phone and some asshole named Thorn told me to tell you to call him. Who names their kid Thorn anyways?”


Only the sick bastards who nicknamed everyone attached to that fucking club.


“Doesn’t matter,” I murmur letting my phone drop to the ground. It bounces with a thud.


The clearing of a throat catches my attention making me forget about my phone and Thorn. “Time to get the talent into makeup and let’s finish the scene!” Jim shouts out with confidence.


Walking back into the production room with my freshly reapplied makeup on, I take a look at Tommy who’s chugging his water. He’s got one of his hands stroking his dick trying to get himself hard again.


“Need some help with that, old man?” I cat-call out to him with a smirk.


He chuckles. “Nah, get over here and get ready to suck my dick before Jim has a fuckin’ freak out again like he did two weeks ago!”


Two weeks ago, Jim had a major meltdown in front of all of us when he told us how his wife left him for one of the other male actors. Jim used to be a famous porn actor but as he got older, his roles got slimmer and slimmer. Imagine our surprise when he got married to someone twenty years his junior who wanted to become the next Jenna Jameson. Quickly after her roles started drying up, she left him for Micky Long.


Micky Long is another actor who’s got an incredible fan base but he’s an asshole. Everyone thinks so.



“Yes! Yes!” Chanting, I throw my head back and let my blonde hair fall like a waterfall down my back. I use my hands for leverage as I hump Tommy Too Good’s muscular body.


“Sin! You’re so fucking hot,” he murmurs and grabs my nipples in between his fingers. He begins to pluck them, making them very sensitive. 


He knows how sensitive my nipples are and how it makes me tighten up around him instantly. He must be about to come!


“Yes! Fuck me so hard,” I cry out loud enough for the camera to hear me.


Tommy’s grip on my nipples tightens and he rolls them in his fingers. “Your pussy is on fire, Sinclair! Such a naughty little school girl!”


I do my best to act demurely and smile shyly at him. “I’m so sorry for getting caught cheating!”


Tommy meets each of my swivels of my hips by plowing into me harder and faster.


“Yes!” Director Jim shouts out.


“Open it up so we can see your ass, Sin!”


“Tommy, put your finger in her asshole,” one of the producers exclaims.


Now I know these bastards know that I get double for anything relating to my ass. It’s part of my contract.


“Since you’re a bad girl, Sin, I’m gonna shove my finger in your ass!” Tommy mutters with grit and spreads my ass cheeks apart to show the director what he wanted.


Squealing as he slips a finger into the ring of my ass, I wiggle around a little more to show that I might not be into it.


“What the fuck is this shit?”




Sweat beads off my forehead as I dodge the next punch aiming at my jaw. I hold up my fists to block my face. I have taken a few fuckin’ hits to the face and my jaw is on fire. Plus, I’m pretty sure I have fractured a rib.


I have no one else to blame but myself. I signed up for this fight and I’m going to fuckin’ win.


Looking over at the side of the ring to the three club bunnies waiting for me with my name across their tits, I find the stamina to finish off this joker.


“Hulk! Hulk! Hulk!” The crowd chants my name and I push another punch into the guy’s stomach.


He grunts and waivers before falling to the mat floor. Landing on my knees, I fall right in front of him, climbing over his waist to deliver the remaining punches it’s going to take to win this.


“Fuck!” He slurs with blood gurgling out of his mouth.


I smile to myself but don’t allow him to take another hit out on me. He’s going to tap out soon or the match will be called. Or at least that’s how it should be but this is underground.


This is where the real shit happens.


“Hulk! Hulk!” The crowd roars.


That’s when I see Adam wince and cry out. “Tap!”


“That’s the match!” Elvis yells out with bravado.


That sick mother fucker loves this type of shit. He’s loving we elected him to be the announcer and he’s loving that the ring hunnies like him too. Elvis looks like a beer gutted real Elvis. He’s got thick side burns but a smile that makes the girls go crazy over him. I personally don’t see it. I think he’s a sick bastard.


Pulling my limp arm up, Elvis yanks me to my wobbly feet. I wobble just a second but I’m ready for my win. I’m ready for the crowd to scream even louder than before when I win my new belt. This is a championship fight, after all.


“Your winner, ladies and gentlemen, or should I say bitches and bastards!”


The crowd screams.


I feel proud as they all scream my name. This isn’t my first win and it won’t be my last. I’m anxiously awaiting getting the new title so I can pick any one of these whores in here to fuck. Or even two.


“Hulk!” The announcer yells out through the make-shift stadium. Once my fist is in the air, I let out an excited yell.


“Fuck yeah!” I yell.


“The winner of tonight’s match is Hulk! Someone buy this guy a beer!”


A series of pats and half hugs are surrounding me but I’ve got my eye on this blonde outside of the ring. She’s wearing these teeny shorts that show me all her legs and those glorious fucking thighs. On her feet are these heels which make her legs look even longer than they would have without them.


“Excuse me,” I murmur to the guys. I’m still dripping with sweat but my adrenaline coursing through my body allows me to not give a fuck about it. I’m interested in sinking into this woman.


She sees me coming and tugs her top down to show me the mounds of her pert tits. Yeah, the woman is begging me to fuck her. Maybe I should play a little with her first.


Nah. It’s been a while since I’ve had fresh pussy.


“Hey, gorgeous,” I husk out to her with my signature grin that melts panties.


“Hey, yourself.”


Her voice has a little bit of honey dripping from it. Yeah, she’ll do. “What’s your name?”


She smiles at me. “Does it really matter what my name is?”


Smirking and raising my eyebrow, I shrug. “Guess it doesn’t. I can just call you gorgeous.”


“Want to get out of here?” She asks me.


My dick thickens in my fighting shorts and I couldn’t imagine what I look like right now still dripping with sweat. “Yeah, sure.”


I grab her hand, leading her out of the stadium, past all the people still cheering. I don’t really give a fuck what they are cheering about. I’m interested in fucking this girl until she forgets her name.


Not that I know it.


“In here,” I inform her. Once we’re in my room, I lock the door and grin at her. “Let’s take a shower.”


She smiles at me. “I’ve been watching you for a while now. You’re pretty good.”


I start the water, waving my fingers in the spray to make sure it's heating up. I already know my muscles are going to be sore once I come off the high and I’m hoping the hot shower will help soothe them. “Is that right?”


She’s quiet for a minute to the point where I look back to make sure she’s still in the room. The woman turns her head sideways and that’s when I see who she reminds me of. The woman looks like Sinclair.




I’m about to fuck another blonde that looks like Sinclair.


Who gives a fuck? The woman doesn’t give two shits that I don’t even know her name. Why would she care that I’m about to fuck her because she looks like the woman I’ve always loved?


Her body isn’t as delicious or addictive like Sin’s but no one is her. There’s no one out there that could be her.


That’s when I look her up and down. She’s naked.


“Well, look at you,” I murmur.


“Look at you. Aren’t you over dressed?” She asks me with a hint of playfulness.


Looking down at my shorts, I then look up at her. Her lips are pulled into a pout and her eyes are blazing with passion. She’s not Sin but she’ll do for tonight. “What are you gonna do about it?”


The blonde struts over to me with her hips working a figure eight. Her nipples are tight in the cold air mixed from the humidity of the shower. Her fingers wrap the strings of my shorts around the knuckles and she unties them. The shorts are pushed off my hips and pool at my feet. “I want you to fuck me against the tile in the shower. Hard.”


Just what I like. A woman who knows what she wants. “You asked for it, gorgeous.”


In a bowl next to the shower, I keep a handful of condoms in case something like this is about to happen. The last thing I want to deal with is some bitch coming at me because I knocked her up. Plus, a lot of these women are fast.


There’s no telling what they could have contracted.


Quickly, I cover my shaft with the condom and grab the whore in front of me around the waist. I don’t give her any warning as I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. In a matter of seconds, I’m pushing through her averagely tight pussy and bottoming out in her. I slam her against the wall for me to rest my hands on the tiles to give me support.


“Holy shit! You’re huge!” She gasps and then screams out while my pubic bone rubs against her clit.


“What’d you think? Hold on tight.”


She tightens her pussy around my dick but I don’t allow that to slow me down because I’m digging the feel of her. I fuck her hard and fast without any mercy. There’s absolutely no way I’m slowing down. Fuck no.


My balls bounce against her ass. Each time I pump inside of her, she digs her nails into my back. “I’m going to come!” She cries out and her pussy flutters around my dick.


But I’m not done. I’m full of adrenaline and I’m not allowing it to go to waste. So what if I’m never going to see this girl again? I’m going to fuck her so she remembers me.


“Get on your hands and knees,” I demand and pull out of her.


The woman is wobbly on her legs as she follows directions. Her ass is red from my punishing thrusts and her ass rubbing against the tiles of the shower.


Getting down to my knees, I grip her hips in my hands and sink inside her willing body. “Hold on tight.”


The sounds of our skin slapping each other and the sounds of our moaning fill the air. I love fucking a new chick because she doesn’t realize I can go for hours. But, since she’s new, I try to speed it up.


I do the one thing that I know will make me come faster. I think of Sinclair and the first time I ever had her. The first time when I slipped into her body and she gasped. I loved the feeling of her.


My balls tighten.


I remember Sinclair gasping as I made her come with my tongue.


That’s when I shoot my load inside of her.


Some random woman who’s name I don’t even know.


“Hulk! You in there? We gotta roll out!” Someone yells from the other side of the door then bangs on it.


“I’m busy!” I call back and thrust deeper into the woman who squeals loudly as her pussy flutters around me. She’s sucking me in deeply and I like it.


“Fuck!” I murmur out as the last of my load is shot up.


The pounding on the door gets louder. “For fuck’s sake. We gotta go, Hulk!”


“Hold on a minute, Elvis. I’m busy.”


“I don’t give a fuck about the bitch you’re fuckin’. Bishop’s house… Look, if you don’t get your ass out here, I’m comin’ in there and you won’t like it.”


I use my hands on the girl’s hips to push out of her and she groans. Her pussy tries to suck me back in but I don’t allow it to. No, I have to go deal with some bull shit.


“Thanks for the fuck, gorgeous,” I tell the woman who’s got a satited smile on her face. Oh yeah, she got what she came for.


She winks at me. “I should be the one thanking you.”


“See you around,” I mumble and get off my knees to hose off some of the sweat on my body.


She doesn’t say anything nor does she offer me her name. “Who’s Sinclair?” She asks me as she gets up.


“Uh, who?” I ask dumbly not ready to admit I’m still hung up on an old girlfriend.


I switch off the water and look over to where she was standing a few seconds ago but she’s already gone. She left and didn’t say anything more about how to find her or if she wanted to see me again.


This is the type of booty call I like! No mess or fuss.


“Hulk!” Elvis yells through the room and stops right in front of me. “We gotta go. Someone tried to blow up Bishop’s house.”


“Are you fuckin’ serious?” I ask him. The man’s been known to tell a few jokes in his day but I would hope he wouldn’t joke about our president.


He glares at me. “Put that dirty dick away and lets get out of here.”


“I’ll show you a dirty dick,” I mutter under my breath.




I know that voice anywhere and I can tell you right now… this is the last place I thought I would hear it. Thorn has completely disowned me since he found out I was getting into porn. Totally alienated me in front of our whole family and made me feel like a second class citizen.


The other reason why he’s pissed off at me? I didn’t follow his plan.


My big brother had plans for me and it wasn’t getting naked on camera. He will even tell you that.


Standing at his full height of six foot four, he’s glowering at me with his arms crossed. “Since when are you some naughty school girl slut?” He barks at me.


“Cut!” The director shouts with venom in his voice. “We don’t allow civilians back here during filming,” he claims.


“Sin! So now you’re some slut who’s gettin’ banged by random guys for money? How does that make you any different than a whore?” Thorn yells from across the room but his wide steps are eating up the space between us quickly.


A robe is thrown at me from behind me as Tommy lifts me from his lap. His dick’s half hard but he looks pissed at Thorn being here. And not even in the blue balls type of way. No, this is personal.


“Who the fuck are you?” Tommy’s velvety voice that he just had a few seconds ago is completely gone.


Shoving my arms through my robe, I tie it tightly. I don’t need to be naked in front of my brother even more than I already have. Talk about some Jerry Springer shit right here.


“I would like to talk to my sister without looking at your fuckin’ dick!” Thorn growls loudly.


I cross my arms around my body and try to figure out my next step here. I haven’t spoken to anyone from my hometown in almost three years and I’m not interested in doing it now. No, they made their opinions on my life choices abundantly clear.


Especially him.


“What is so important that you have barge into my life, Thorn? You made your fucking thoughts crystal clear!” I hiss out and close the distance between us.


Granted, I’m on set and this is totally unprofessional. Arguing with my older brother about my profession is not going to look good for me.


Thorn’s big hands grab my elbows and he pulls me out of the room that we were filming at. Inside the room, I could hear Jim and Tommy trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.


“It’s dad and Jenny,” he drops on me.


Shaking my head, I try to jump out of his grasp. “I don’t give a fuck about that.”


My dad’s president of some local motorcycle gang from my hometown and he’s getting into trouble extremely frequently. The man more than likely has his own holding cell at the jail for him to go and stay. He’s there that much.


Now, Jenny. She’s different. After my mom was murdered about ten years ago, my dad’s mistress came into the light and everyone started treating her more like family. I hate the bitch. I hate everything she represents.


More than hate, I hate the fact that she has a kid with my dad that were born a year before my mom was killed. Explain that one to me please. Was she pregnant by my dad through Jesus or something?


I’m not as stupid as they think I am.


Thorn’s eyes close and then reopen, boring into mine. The seriousness of why he’s here is starting to set in. Some bad shit went down and now I’m going to be dragged back into this.


Fuck this.


Shaking my head from left to right, I tell him how I feel. “There’s no way in hell, Thorn. No fucking way am I going back!”


“We need you, Sin. Please. I’m sorry about all that shit from before but I need my sister.”


“Fuck no.”


Am I being stubborn? Probably. Am I going to cave and go even though I want nothing to do with the people that were so quick to write me off? Nope.




Turning my head to see Jim glaring at us with disdain, I roll my eyes at him. “Sorry, Jim. This will only take a minute.”


“Dude!” Thorn growls. He’s now standing in front of the director with his hand on his breast pocket of his rags. He does this for people to realize that he’s carrying a piece or some bull shit.

He’s the prince of the club! People wouldn’t fuck with him and we all know that. Thorn is the second in command and no one is going to want to piss him off.


“Thorn, I’m busy! I don’t have time to deal with whatever the fuck this is!” I wave my hand in between us to emphasize what I mean.


Thorn lets out a frustrated groan. “Glad to see you’re still a stubborn fucking woman!”


Smiling because I know I’m pissing his off, I shrug my shoulders. “It's part of one of my many charms.”


“For fuck’s sake. Sin, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t important.”


Placing my hands on my hips, I take a step back to see if Jim’s still paying attention. Good thing he’s not. I would hate to get a reputation in the industry about being difficult. “What can I do for you?”


“They think it's the same people who killed mom!”


That was all I needed to snap out of my attitude. “What did you just say?” I need clarification. I tighten the sash around my robe just to keep my hands busy. I hate fidgeting.


My brother looks through the room and his eyes land on Jim.


“Can you put on some fuckin’ clothes so I can talk to you?”


Since he’s asking nicely, I spin on my heels and yell towards Jim. “Jim, I need a half hour!” I’m not giving him the option to turn me down.


He huffs. “Fine. Only a half hour. No more. We need to get this film into editing ASAP!”


“Yeah, yeah,” I retort over my shoulder while walking to my dressing room.


Quickly, I shove my legs into some sweat pants and then throw on a sweat shirt to see what the hell is so important. I’m not wanting to waste anytime.


Thorn’s sitting on a chair outside of my dressing room with his phone in his hand. He looks pissed off while looking at the screen and doesn’t acknowledge me until I plop into the chair next to him.




Lifting his face up to look at me, I can see the worry and agony all over it. It's the same look he gave me when he told me mom died. It's also the same look he had the last time we spoke.


“I never thought my baby sister would be getting paid to fuck guys on camera,” he mutters under his breath.


Feeling like a bitch, I kick him in his shin. “And girls too. Sometimes both girls and guys at the same time.”


“Dad and Jenny’s house was bombed by some pipe bomb some assholes made. It blew up about three quarters of their house,” he explains. “Jenny’s dead.”


I don’t feel any sadness besides for her kid.


“And dad?” I don’t know why I care. I don’t know why my chest is constricting at the thought of my father being dead. Or how I feel like I’m contradicting that feeling because I also have relief.


He winces. “He’s on life support and it's not looking good.”


Something closes in my chest and my breathing picks up. “So, what are you doing here?”


“I need you to come back with me. We need to talk to you about some shit.”


I shake my head knowing how bad of an idea this is. Super bad. Not even just bad. Super fucking bad.


“Talk to me here.”


“It's not safe. Mom’s murderers still haven’t been found and now this? Fuck no. Someone’s targeting us and you’re probably going to be next!”


“I’m a porn star for fuck’s sake. What are they going to want from me?”


“They want the club.”


“Jesus!” I shout. “The club! The club! The club! Everything’s about this stupid club. I can’t take dance lessons because the dance teacher was afraid of dad. I couldn’t date someone because they were afraid of you assholes.”


My chest is rising and falling rapidly. I’ve suppressed all of this.

Thorn takes a deep breath and then pulls my chair closer to him.


“We don’t have much time but we need to go back. Sin, I know we’ve had our fuckin’ problems but you’re still my sister. I love ya.”




“We’re sittin’ fuckin’ ducks here!” I growl at the brothers as we stand on the curb of our president’s house.


Thorn shakes his head and looks at the carnage from the explosion of his father’s house. “Look, I don’t like this anymore than you fuckers but this is my dad.”


Ink, one of the older brothers, rolls his eyes. “I don’t give a fuck about who it is to you. What I care about is the fact that our brother, our president’s house was just bombed.”


About thirty minutes ago, we got a phone call we never expected. Detective Bill Woods called us to let us know that Bishop’s house was bombed and they are on their way. The worst part about the whole thing? We had to hear it from the cops! Our own brother’s in such a fucked up state he couldn’t even call us.


“Everyone, move out of the way!” An EMT calls out as he wheels a gurney out of the house.


“Fuck,” I mutter below my breath.


Bishop’s on the stretcher and he’s looking pale while he’s loaded into the back of the ambulance.


The sirens are switched on at the same moment the ambulance pulls away from the curb. It’s only a matter of seconds before Jenny, the president’s ol’ lady, is being wheeled out of the house too.


The difference? She’s in a body bag.


This can mean only one thing.


This means war.


Woods strolls over towards us with an annoyed expression on his face. “Anyone care to tell me why your president’s house got blown to fucking shreds?”


We shrug.


“No idea,” Thorn murmurs and stares at the house with wonder. I know he’s thinking all this is now going to fall on him. Him being the vice president and everything. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now.


“Someone has some ideas. Did you guys do a deal and it didn’t work out?” The detective digs.


Rolling my neck, I shove my hands into my pockets. “We had a deal, Woods. We don’t involve you and we don’t bring our shit into the territory. Whatever happened, we don’t know shit.”


That must have been enough reasoning for him. He nods his head. “I don’t want you causing shit. I don’t need the paperwork on my desk.”


Thorn salutes him and runs over to the fire chief who’s going through the carnage. I would have expected him wanting to go see his dad but I get he’s confused right now.


Hell, we all are.


“What the fuck happened at that last meet?” Fish asks and lights a cigarette.


I look over his shoulder and take in the house. The fucking thing is destroyed. There’s no way it was an accident. Someone planned this and they planned it at the right time. Who?


Who would have guts to go against Bishop?


“Nothing that would have sparked this!” I growl.


Thorn runs over to us and he looks pissed. “There’s fuckin’ scharpnal in there. This wasn’t random.”


Which can only mean one fucking thing. “We’re goin’ to war.”


We’re all waiting in the waiting room at the hospital trying to figure out what’s going to happen to Bishop. If Bishop is going to live or if he’s going to die.


There’s no secret that Bishop and I have had our issues but I still got love for the president. After coming to from the beat down of my life, he sat me down and told me the horrors of having a daughter. How much it fuckin’ sucks when they get their heart’s broken. How he hopes he never has to witness seeing his little girl crying like that again.


I deserved all the guilt I felt and I have atoned for all my wrong doings. I would like to think we have moved past me breaking his daughter’s heart all those years ago.


Moments like this, where our future is unclear, I remember the amount of respect I have for the man who took me in as one of his. Who taught me how to ride a motorcycle and how to shave. How to carry a gun without the cops seeing it. How to file the serial numbers off guns for them not to be traced.


Rubbing the back of my neck, I come to terms with the fact that I’m probably going to see Sinclair. It's bad enough that she’s a porn star- trust me, I’m well aware of this. What’s worse? The brothers try to dance around this fact like I’m not aware. I remember the noises she used to make as I slid into her from behind. How she would scream when I fucked her tight ass until she couldn’t walk. I remember all of it. And how could I not? She’s the best I ever had.


The problem? The brothers that didn’t grow up with her being their kid sister, all watch her movies and hide them in their rooms like I don’t know they are jacking off to her.


She was a hot piece of ass and she’s still one.


“All right, what the fuck are we gonna do if he-” Thorn starts and then is cut off by the doctor walking into the room.


The doctor is a hot woman who’s got some lucious tits and curves. Her lips are curved up into a smile but it's her eyes that make me take a second look. She looks classy. Not like these other chicks I see around here. “Family of Bishop Mendoza?”


We all stand up and walk in a herd of leather to the doctor. “We’re his family,” Thorn says.


The doctor’s eyes widen while she looks over all of us. “All right, he’s going to be fine. He’s suffered some smoke inhalation in his lungs but he will be fine.”


We all let out a deep breath.


“Good! When can we see him?” I question. I’m anxious to find out if Bishop knows anything and how we’re going to proceed. An attack on the clubhouse is one thing, but an attack on the president’s personal house is completely different.


She winks at me and looks down shyly at the paper. “Right now.”


Without waiting for any more information, we’re down the hall and bursting through Bishop’s door to see for ourselves he’s okay. All thirty of us are packing ourselves into the room before the doctor even tells us it's okay for all of us to be in here.


Like that would fucking stop us.


“Mr. Mendoza can’t have any stress. If his heart rate rises too far, I’m going to ask you to leave,” the doctor states and closes the door.


I can’t help but focus on her ass. It’s pretty sexy even in those green scrubs she’s wearing.


“What the fuck happened?” Thorn demands.


Bishop’s looking pale in the hospital bed with wires attached to various parts of his body. The blankets are tucked up around his chin and his hands are outside the blanket on either side of his waist. The man doesn’t look anything like one of the most feared MC’s president.


No. He looks like a normal man.


This is tripping me up.


“Where’s Jenny?” Bishop croaks out and moves his head from left to right to see if she’s in here.


“We don’t know, prez,” one of the brothers answers.


“We need to know what happened to you,” I enforce.


The president’s eyes glare at me with malice. I can tell he wants to say something hurtful to me. Probably about my not knowing what real love is or some shit. I could argue that he doesn’t, either. He cheated on Sinclair and Thorn’s mom with Jenny… Not a great relationship starter, if you ask me.


“Get one of the pweebs to find Jenny.”


The door opens and closes but the tension is still very thick. “I dunno much about what happened but I do know it wasn’t a mistake. Those motherfuckers tried to take me out.”


I fight the urge to say something sarcastic. Again, I fight the urge. It’s a pretty dramatic fight, though. “Are they just after you? Did you do something to piss someone off?”


More so than usual.


Bishop’s head rolls on his pillow until he’s staring at me. “I breathe and I piss people off. It’s pretty fuckin’ normal for me to piss people off, Hulk.”


Thorn rubs the back of his neck. “They come after mom, kill her and now you got bombed. What does that mean for me and Sin?”


Hearing him mention Sinclair has the hair on the back of my neck raised. Yeah, I know she’s still alive but the brothers try to avoid mentioning her around me. Especially with Bishop in the room. He kicked my ass when I hurt her and made sure that she never came around me again.


Or maybe it was the fact that he pissed her off and she never came back.


My girl always knew how to hold a grudge.


“We probably need to get Sinclair back here. Make sure she hasn’t come into anything that is troubling. It's gonna take a lot of convincing, though. She’s pissed as fuck at me and Hulk.”


I nod my head and try my best to seem unaffected. Truth be told, I’m nervous as fuck to see her again. She’s the only woman who I ever gave a shit about but I chickened out and took the bitch way out. I pushed her away before she could hurt me or I could hurt her.


Thorn nods his head and clears his throat. “I’ll go get her but we have to be fuckin’ careful. She’s into some shit now.”


Into porn.


Bishop grunts his disapproval over what his daughter is doing and I can’t blame him. I’m not exactly thrilled that the love of my life is now doing porn. I’m pissed as fuck that she’s going it.




“I’m not going anywhere,” I murmur to Thorn stubbornly. “I’m not risking my livelihood for the club again. There’s no way in fucking hell I’m going back.”


My mind is made up and I push past him before he could say anything more to me. I slam the door to my dressing room and it echoes through the room.


Fuck him.


Quickly changing back into my outfit, I storm past him again but this time he says something that stops me. Stops me for a moment and it stays with me through the rest of filming. “When they come looking for you, I hope you’re ready. They’re comin’ for you, too.”


My feet stop but I know not to give him enough attention. If I let him know that I’m scared of what happened to my mom happening to me, he will know that I’m tempted to leave with him. I can’t let him pull me back down with them. I can’t do it.

I can’t see James again.


I’m sorry. Hulk.


By the time I get home from filming, I’m still livid over seeing Thorn. Who the hell does he think he is barging into my life like he’s got some say in what I do?


He made his decision three years ago when he didn’t support me

in my wanting to go to school. I didn’t want to live the club life. I didn’t want to be the club princess who married some man who wasn’t faithful to her. I didn’t want to have to worry about when the next time my husband was going to be arrested.


I wanted more out of life than worrying whether or not my husband was cheating on me when he went on runs. I don’t want to have to worry about all that shit.


And I also didn’t want to have to bury another brother. Burying Victor was hard enough and I couldn’t imagine sending Thorn to his forever bed.


Or Hulk.


My nerves are pulsating and I pace throughout my house trying to calm them down. Nothing is working. “Fuck!” I mutter under my breath.


Tommy’s a powerful man with powerful strokes and I still feel him moving between my legs but that does nothing to ease my anxiety. Absolutely nothing.


God damn it. What am I supposed to do?


Is someone really after my family? Is someone just waiting to pick us off one by one? If so, could they be after me? Does anyone know about me?


Time to go for a run.


Once I’m changed, I allow myself to do the one thing that I haven’t done in a long time. Think about the last conversation I had with my dad.


Lying out the catalogues for the university I just got into, I wait for my dad to look at them. “Why you showing me this?” He barks at me with his balding head bent over to look at the pages.


“I got in! I got in and I’m so excited!” I squeal and clap my hands together.


I’ve managed to squeak through school with a 4.0 GPA and I’m dying to graduate. I’m dying to get the hell out of here to go live my own life without the club overshadowing me. I can’t wait!


“Why you wanna go to school, cupcake?” My dad’s voice rings out. The emotion is raw.


Smiling, I take the seat next to him. “I got in for pre-med! I’m so excited! Classes start in August and then I will graduate within five years!” I retort with excitement.


He shakes his head. “No daughter of mine is going to a school this far away!”


The commute between the club and the university is around five hours… Which means, it's too far of a drive for him to make in one day to come see me. I need my independence from everyone.


“Dad, it's not too far and I will still come home on weekends-” I rush out hoping to ease his pressure.


He slams his hand against the table. “No! How could you decide that you’re better than us? That you’re better than the club? We’ve been there for you for fuckin’ ever. Those brothers love you like you were one their own!”


I shake my head. “Dad, you’re not being fair! I deserve to live my own life.”


“You leave, you leave without my help. I won’t pay for shit. You will lose everything.”


I know deep in my heart that he’s telling me the truth. That he won’t help me with anything. I’m truly about to be on my own.

“If that’s the way it has to be, dad… Then I guess I will be on my own.”


Stubbornly, I want him to apologize and say that he was just talking shit but I know the truth. I know that he’s not going to back down and help me afford college.


The tears sting my eyes as I spin on my heels in search of James. I need to know that I’m making the right decision for us. I need to know that he’s going to support me no matter what.



My feet pound the pavement and my breath comes out in puffs as memories of the last time I spoke to my father flood my brain.


It's been a long three years on my own but I have done it. I refuse to let him think I need him. I refuse to crawl back with my tail between my legs.


Fuck that.


I round the corner to run down the busy downtown streets. I like running down this trail because a lot of people are getting out of work and not paying attention to me. I rarely ever get noticed but when I do, I get all awkward. I have to play a role of being the flirty one.


Sign tits and let them think they have a chance with me.


Rolling my neck, I stretch it out as much as I can. I run harder than before. I’m anxious and there’s only one way to get rid of the nerves. Either run or drink.


I haven’t picked up a drink in over a year. And I don’t want to. Not after what happened last time.


Pushing harder than before, I feel myself hitting the proverbial wall and my breathing starts to come in puffs. Gasping, I try to push through the wall but nothing is working. Finally, I give in and stop at the corner of the brick building by my house. After making sure that I’m not sticking my hand on anything sharp, I place my hand on the wall to catch my breath.


“Holy shit,” I mumble under my breath.


The hot air is sticking to my body making me feel hotter than before. Not hot in a good way, either. Hot in the sense that I need a shower ASAP.


“Ahem,” someone coughs from behind me.


Spinning on my feet about to apologize if I just stopped in front of them, I notice that no one is directly behind me. The buzzing of the cars is loud but not as loud as my beating heart. I can hear my blood pulsing through out my ears.


God damn it! Thorn has got me all paranoid and now I’m going to think I’m being followed or some shit.


Rolling my neck again, I turn back to the way I was standing before I got freaked out over nothing. Damn it. I’m like one of those scaredy cats now.


I pull out my phone to see if anyone has called me. Primarily, Thorn. I’m wondering if he’s going to push his insistence on me  and now I’m a paranoid freak.


The insides of my thighs begins to burn from the rigorous filming and now the run but I walk home instead of running.




All right. I know I heard it this time. Turning my head, I’m ready to confront whomever is coughing behind me. “What the hell?” I mumble under my breath when I see a flash of blonde hair go behind the wall of a building. “Is someone there?”


“What’s her problem?” Someone asks another person while they walk past me.


What the fuck?


Screw my burning thighs, I run a fast clip back to my house. I’m eager to get out of the cesspool of downtown. It’s obvious that I have lost my fucking mind.


I round the corner and see my house up ahead. I run harder and faster until I pass through the gate. Finally!


My house looks like an old victorian which is why I bought it. I wanted something that looked normal. I grew up in and out of the clubhouse around bikers and a bevy of boobs in pussy. Come to think about it, it's no wonder I became a porn star.


“If you leave here, Sinclair, you’re done. I swear to fuckin’ god! There’s no way I’m allowing my daughter to disrespect me like this!” My dad yells at me as I pack my room at the clubhouse.


I need to pack and get the hell out of here. There’s no way in hell that I want to stay in here longer than I need to. Pride won't allow me to tell him I'm afraid of being on my own.


“Fine!” I holler back at him while I push past him. “Fine! James and I will be fine without you!” I yell at him from over my shoulder. I need to get to James and make sure he’s ready to leave.


A thick hand grips my shoulder and spins me around. “You’re not fuckin’ leavin’ with Hulk. Hulk ain’t goin’ anywhere!”


“Yes! He is. He’s leaving with me and we’re going to be fine.” Secretly, I have no idea how we’re going to be but I’m hoping things are going to work out. I’m hoping we have the strength to make it through everything. Especially being away from the reach of the club.


The brothers stop and stare at me but I don’t say anything to them as I pull my suitcase behind me and I march straight to James’ room. “James! Are you ready?” I beg. I need to get out of here.


“Oh shit!” He mutters behind the door.


I take that as my invitation and push open the door. “James? We need to leave,” I demand but what I see is enough to make me want to throw up. “You have got to be kidding me!”


All my fears have come true.


Throwing open my door, I beeline straight for the kitchen. I'm fucking thirsty.


“Hey,” a voice calls out from my living room.


I reach for the junk drawer and open it up to grab my gun. “Who's there?” I demand.


My hand touches an empty drawer. Fuck.


“You really think I'm not going to search for your weapons?” A man taunts.


“What do you want?”


He chuckles. “To give you a message.  You're next, chica. But we're gonna have fun with you first.”


The man didn't have to spell it out. I understand what that means.


“Who are you?” I ask again.


The man walks to just out of my sight so I can't identify him. “I'm the only one who can save you. You're next.”


“What the fuck?” Thorn demands and glares at the man.


The man runs past him quickly and has disappeared just as quickly as he appeared.




The idea of Sinclair coming back has got my stomach all in knots.

I know she needs to be here to ensure her safety but I sure as shit don’t want to look at her and her judgemental eyes. I haven’t set my eyes on her since she left three years ago.


The years have been good to her, I will give her that. I haven’t watched one of those skin movies she’s in but I’ve Googled her.


What can I say? She’s my first love… And will be my last.


We’re sitting in Bishop’s room waiting to find out what we’ve got to do next when the door flies open and one of the prospects come running in.


Growling at him, I demand to know what he’s doing in here instead of guarding the door. “What the fuck do you think you’re doin’ in here?”


Someone tried to kill our president. We’re not taking any chances. Absolutely none.


Fuck that shit.


“We need some of the brothers at the compound,” he wheezes out from running.


I roll my eyes. These pweebs are too sensitive nowadays. Too the-sky-is-falling for my taste.


We all grumble under our breaths about how they have become little bitches.


“For fuck’s sake! Someone blew up the gate!”


“What the fuck d’ya mean someone blew up the gate?”


The pweeb’s breathing has slowed but he’s still a little winded. “Someone threw a pipe bomb through the gate and blew it open. Knocked out all the cameras around the compound. Someone’s planning something.”


“Fuck!” Bishop yells out. “What are y’all waitin’ for? Why are you sittin’ with me? Get your asses to the clubhouse and make sure no one’s touched our guns or merch!”


The thirty or so brothers that have gathered in the room of our fallen leader, push out of their spots and run out the door. I take one last look at Bishop. “We gotta get Sin back,” I mutter.


He squeezes his eyes shut. “I know. Get my girl back.”


I shake my head trying to fight the urge to argue with him over who’s girl she is. She’s mine. She’s always been mine. She will always be mine.


Sinclair has got the legs of a goddess. They are long, tan and hanging off the back of Bishop’s bike. She’s got to be adopted. There’s no way in fuckin’ hell Bishop has a daughter this beautiful.


“Hey, beautiful,” I murmur to her and stick my hand out for her to grab it and help her off the bike.


She bypasses my hand and slips off the bike without any help.


“Hey, yourself. What’s a lady gotta do to get something to drink around here?”


“Try being a lady first!” Elvis calls over to her with a blonde chick in his lap.


Sinclair flips him off. “I am too a lady!”


Chuckling to himself, he takes a swig off his beer. “You ain’t no fuckin’ lady. You’re just Sin.”


“What would you like to drink, gorgeous?” I ask her. If no one else is going to get her a drink, I will. Hell, I would bring the whole bar out to her.


Smiling like a damn princess in a valley full of criminals, she makes my dick thicken in my jeans. “Yes, please. I would love a beer.”


“Check her identification!” Elvis nags.


Looking her up and down, I smirk. There’s no way in hell this little angel is anything but of age. “Already did.”


Sinclair’s holding her hand out to me. I look down at her chipped black nails and a skull ring on her middle finger. The woman is a contradiction. A mixture of heaven and hell all in one.


And I can’t wait to debauch the angel and spring myself into hell.


Sure enough, the gates are blown to fuckin’ shreds and there’s shrapnel everywhere.


“Who the fuck did this?” Skull hollers while parking his bike.


The thunder from the Harleys drone out and we’re all standing around the gate that has been bombed.


Around the gates, or where the gates used to be, metal is haphazardly lying on the ground with a blanket of bullets.


“Whoever wants a fuckin’ war is about to get it,” I mumble. “This is gettin’ fuckin’ ridiculous!”


“This is personal. Not someone who just decided to pick off the local MCs. We need to check out what is left of the recording,” Elvis suggests.


“We need to clean this shit up and get the gate back up,” I suggest. “If someone’s watchin’ us right now, they can pick us without our gate.”


Skull, one of the other brothers, speaks up. “The boy’s right. We need to get this gate figured out. Get ahold of the steel and we’ll build us a new one. No party tonight. We need to get this figured out.”


Rubbing the back of my neck, I feel the weight of someone’s stare. I turn to peer over my shoulder but I don’t see anyone other than the brothers. “Get down!” I bark and jump to the ground.


“What the fuck-”


The sounds of fire cracking through the air has all of us jumping into action. Our guns are drawn and we’re ducked behind our busted gates for protection. Since the gate was designed to keep us safe on the inside, we’re having to use all our resources to make sure we’re protected.


“Where the fuck they comin’ from?” Shouts Spaz.


I stick my head out from behind the iron gate pieces hoping to see if I can see anyone. Or see anything. “Fuck!” I yell out. I can see the smoke coming off the barrels of the guns through the haze of night. “They are hiding behind the trees!” I can’t tell the number of people but I have a feeling it’s more than a couple.


We’re definitely getting fucked with.


The haze from the smoke is blinding and thick. Chokingly thick.


Elvis is behind me and he’s grabbing my arm to stop me from peeking out more. “Stay the fuck down, boy! You want to join up with the prez in the hospital?”


Then, just as quickly as it all began, it's over. My ears have a giant echo piercing through them from the constant shooting but I still hear the sliding of a van door being slammed shut and the squealing of tires speeding out of the dirt.


Once I hear the door shut, I duck out of my protection and fire. Each shot is missed because the van speeds off quickly. So what if I wasted a whole clip?


“What the actual fuck?” Spaz shouts out while he comes out from his hiding spot. “Is everyone okay?”


My dad claps me on the shoulder. “You good, man?”


I nod. “I’m good. We gotta find out who’s doin’ this before it’s too late. Before Sin gets here, we gotta know who’s targetin’ us. Nothin’ can happen to her!” I declare to my dad. “Dad, who’s doin’ this? How did they know we were on our way back? They have to have surveillance on us.”


“Looks that way. Looks as if whoever the jack fucks are, they want to blow us off the map!”


Elvis clears his throat. “Hate to break up this father-son moment but someone’s gotta call Thorn.”


Haha. I don’t have to do shit. I’m an enforcer. I enforce the rules and make sure everyone’s doing what they are supposed to. Plus, I get to collect money owed. I like that part.


“Let’s put him on speaker,” Spaz suggests while he pushes pieces of the scrapnal out of the way. “I want to hear how he’s gettin’ along with Sinclair. I have a feeling he’s having a harder time than we are. That girl was always a pistol.”


Just what I needed. Another reminder of how Sin was the perfect ol’ lady. How she knew the rules and didn’t act like some girly girl who didn’t want to get dirty. She especially loved her burnt orange Harley Bishop and Candy got her for her sixteenth birthday. Before everything went to hell.


She loved riding bikes ever since she could sit on one. The girl was destined to be a biker’s ol’ lady but I proved her right. I proved to her we’re all just a bunch of pussy hunters.


“Yo!” Thorn answers the phone in his normal timbre of a voice.


Fuck. That means shit didn’t go well with Sinclair. This is probably a horrible time to menton the ambush but he needs to know. He needs to know that our gate is blown up.


“Look, man, I’ve got some bad fuckin’ news,” my dad states.


“What’s that? Can’t be any worse than seeing my sister at her fuckin’ job. Did you know that they actually stick the camera in to get a better look at her? I can’t fuckin’ believe it. My sister’s like a damn prostitute.”


I know that she’s been with other guys- fuck, she’s a porn star!- but hearing out loud she’s banged other guys doesn’t make my jealousy go away. I miss sliding inside her. Watching her eyes roll to the back of her head when I hit her G-Spot. Or how she’d wink at me as I fucked her mouth.


Yeah, sex with her was amazing. I also miss her fiery side. She had the power to demand attention.


I grunt and try to do my best to not seem affected at the news. I fuckin’ hate her being a porn star. I don’t think any ex wants their exs to be a porn star! God damn it.


“We had a problem back at the compound. Someone fuckin’ bombed us and blew the gate apart.”


Thorn whistles in the back of his throat. “Are the brothers all right?”


“Yeah, man,” I answer. “We’re good. The same mother fuckers shot us up just now.”


“What the fuck you mean?”

Spaz bares his teeth at me to show how he’s pissed. This guy and his damn teeth. “We’re good.”


He growls. “You better tell me what the fuck happened.”


“We came back to the compound to take a look at these gates then a driveby happened. We don’t know much more,” Spaz answers.


I throw my hands up in the air as he stares me down. My bad. I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned that. “We need to up security. How are the tapes? Anyone check those?”


“Roman is doing that,” my dad answers. “Roman’s going to see if he can he it work.”


“How’s it goin’ with Sin?” I chance.


He chuckles. “How do you think?”


“That good, huh?”


Thorn’s voice turns deadly. “If she

doesn’t get her shit packed and on my bike by tomorrow, I need some help hog-tying her!”


My eyes twinkle at the thought of seeing her wrapped in ropes.


“Sounds good to me.” I remember the time that I tied her up and she begged me to let her come. I kept her on the edge for thirty minutes before I let her come so hard she almost passed out.





Climbing onto the back of Thorn’s bike is surreal. It's been a long time since I’ve been on a bike and to be honest, I never thought I would get back on one again.


Why am I going back to a place where everyone thinks I’m some kind of whore? They forget that in the time since I’ve been in porn, I have finished my degree and have been living comfortably. It's flesh money. Bite me.


My nerves are a jumbled mess and Thorn’s cocky smile on his face tells me that he’s well aware of this. “You just love this, don’t you?” I retort with sass.


He shrugs and leads me through the hospital. Throughout the four hour drive back to this stupid ass city I ran from, I tried to think of all the ways I could jump off the back of the bike without killing myself. Yeah, it would have been nice to get the fuck out of here, but I’m not interested in scratching up my face or body.


Like that would get me work again.


It’s bad enough that I’m going to have to grovel to get back into one of Jim’s flicks again. Luckily for me, he’s got a bit of a crush on me and would do just about anything to make me happy.


Or to keep me.


Thorn smirks at me once we get into the elevator. “Are you ready to see the brothers?”


“I’m staring at my brother,” I reply.


He shakes his head. “You know that’s not what I meant. Don’t be a fuckin’ bitch now that you’re back.”


“Did you drag me out of shooting to fucking insult me, Thorn? If that’s the case, I will have Jim come get me now.”


Thorn’s hand slaps the emergency STOP button and the elevator stops moving ruptly.


“You think I like the fact that my sister is into porn? You think I like the fact that my brothers watch you in porn? Do you?” He thunders at me.


I place my hands on my hips and purse my lips. “Since you watched so much of it, I’m surprised you didn’t try to hook up with one of the actresses!”


“The only reason why you’re here is because someone’s attacking our family.”


“Your family,” I murmur and watch his face crumble. “Dad refused to help me pay for college. I had to find a way to pay for school and live. You didn’t want to help me either so don’t give me that shit.”.


Thorn’s hand slaps the button again and the elevator rises through the floors.


“Glad to see you’re still a stubborn bitch,” he mutters under his breath.


Smiling with fake pride, I wave my hand at him like I’m the queen. “Bless your heart!”


The sting from being pushed out the family is still there but being back here is already going to be hard enough. It’s already going to be difficult to see everyone. To have everyone talk to me like I’m a stranger and not the kid-sister who followed them around.


What can I say? I didn’t grow up with Barbie dolls and Baby Alive. I grew up with men in leather who carried guns. The first time I shot a gun was amazing. I never picked up a doll again.


Once we get to the fifteenth floor, my nerves are going crazy. I’ve filmed hundreds of videos where I’m naked but seeing my dad after all these years isn’t something I’m interested in. Hell, it's got me more nervous than all those filming jitters combined.


The door slides open and I take a step out but walk right into a wall.


A hot. Breathing. Wall. With. Arms.


Fuck me.


I know exactly who it is before I even have time to process the fact that I walked right into him. His arms are wrapped around my waist with a sly smile playing on his lips. The man looks every bit of the bad boy I fell in love with as a teenager. He looks every bit of the sexy boy who took my virginity in the back of his mother’s car in highschool. Yeah, he’s exactly the same.


My blood boils a little at that thought.


My skin overheats and I jump back a little as if he burned me. Which he did.


He did burn me, three years ago and just now by touching me.


“Sinclair, welcome home, cupcake!”


I turn on my heels to see Elvis smiling at me with his gold teeth gleaming in the lights. The man has been an uncle to me for my entire life and it's good to see him. Of course, I’m not sure if I’m ready to admit that.


“Elvis! How are ya?” I ask him bracing myself for the hug I know is coming.

The man has always been a hugger.


He wraps me in his arms and squeezes me tightly. “My, my! My little cupcake has made her way home!”


I gasp at the strength of his hug. “I’m glad to see you too!”


He kisses me loudly on the cheek and pushes me back so he can look at me up and down. “I see ya doin’ well with what you’re doin’.”


And here we go.




“You’re old man is gonna flip when he sees ya!”


I shrug but I feel the weight of Hulk’s stare on my backside. He’s watching me like a hawk trying to see if I’m going to strike at him. Maybe he thinks I’m still bitter about the fact he cheated on me three years ago and didn’t even try to hide it.


Nah, I’m not bitter. I’m still fucking pissed off.


A throat’s cleared behind me and I turn my head to see Thorn looking towards the left. “We need to get in there.”


Smiling awkwardly at the guys I used to consider my family but are complete strangers to me now, I walk to where Thorn’s pointing.


“Let's get this shit over with,” I mutter under my breath.




I shrug off the hand which grabs my shoulder and walk into the hospital room of my father. The man who told me if I followed my dreams he would never help me again. I already know he’s going to say something about my career and how I need his help. I don’t need his help. I got forced to come.


“What happened now, dad?” I ask him.


The man looks frail. Hardly the menacing guy who stared down my teachers if they gave me a bad grade. Hardly the man who would glare at any of the brothers for looking at me too long. He looks weak.


He looks old.


“Same ol’, same ol’.”


“Obviously not,” I retort while crossing my arms. “There’s something going on if I got dragged here.”


My dad licks his lips and makes this strange gulping noise. “My house got blown the fuck up with Jenny and me in it.”


“I heard,” I reply and lean against the door jam. I don’t want to get too comfortable in here. I want to go back home.


“Jenny's dead.”


I nod my head. “I'm sorry to hear that.” My problems were with my dad not Jenny. I didn't want anything to happen to her. My dad was the one that cheated on my mom.


“I know we have our problems-”


“We have nothing between us besides DNA. Absolutely nothing. You disowned me when I told you I wanted more to my life than being some biker’s ol’ lady!” I yell at him tapping into the anger that’s been suppressed inside for years. “You did this! You threw me away. If there was something going on, you made me fall into the trap. You did this.”


My chest is heaving. After all these years, he still pisses me the hell off. He’s still the most stubborn piece of shit man I know.


My dad’s eyes widen. “You think you’re better than us? You think that just because you get paid to be a prostitute, you think you can judge us? Go ahead and hate the club. The club that was good enough to feed you for eighteen years and had your back. Fuckin’ ungrateful!”


I’ve had enough. “This is bull shit. Fuck this.”


I spin on my heels and stomp out of the room. “Fucking stupid. I’m so stupid for thinking it's going to get better,” I mutter to myself. “I’m so fucking stupid.”


“He cares a lot about you, you know that?”


Hearing the voice behind me makes me tremble inside. “I don’t even want to talk to you,” I grumble, stomping away from him.


For some reason, I feel the gravity pull I have always felt towards him. Of course  that was when he was just James to me. Back when we couldn't keep our hands off each other.


Hulk’s running to catch me before I get to the elevator. “You can hate us all you want, but we’re your fuckin’ family.”


I fucking hate that I stop in my tracks at hearing his statement. Why does he still have this power of me?


His fingers bite into the fleshy part of my shoulder. “Last I checked, family didn’t turn their backs on a member because they wanted more out of their life. I’m so fucking stupid!”


“Sinclair, please don’t leave. Talk to your dad.”


I shake my head while looking down at my shoes. I’m still wearing my stilettos I put on earlier and they are looking a little dingy from this air out here. Everything out here sucks. The air sucks the life out of you.


And to think, the man who’s begging me to stay is the man that pushed me away. “Fuck you, James,” I spit and push on the elevator call button to get it to hurry.


Before he can respond, the doors slide open and I’m stepping into the elevator while slamming my hand against the button to close it before he can say anything more to me. I can’t be around these people for this long. I can’t allow myself to let him hurt me again. He hurt me so bad.


I lost my virginity to this man and I’ve never fallen out of love with him. I hate him. Don’t get me wrong. I hate the man but I have never stopped loving him.


“Hulk. James died a long time ago, baby.”


The doors slide close just in time.



It was only until the elevator doors slammed shut did I let my breath I was holding in out. The woman still causes my breath to get lodged in my throat. Fuck!


“She left, didn’t she?”


“Yeah, brother. She did.”


Turning around to see Thorn’s tired expression on his face, I already know he’s pissed the fuck off. “It took me a lot of fuckin’ work to get her here. Man, a lot. I had to go and watch her fuck some guy on camera.”


“You watched it? You watched her be a fuckin’ whore and didn’t stop her?”


Thorn smiles a little. “Wow, the man without a heart is actin’ like a jealous boyfriend.”


That stung. I feel the burn from his jab all the way inside. “Fuck you, man.”


“Nah, you’re not my type. Plus, I don’t wanna keep it all in the family, ya’know?”


“I worry about you,” I grumble while looking back at the closed elevator doors. “She’s gone, isn’t she?”


He shrugs. “My sister is pretty stubborn. She’s not comin’ back here unless we get her.”


“Hey! Bishop’s pissed off and wants everyone in his room. Now!” Elvis demands.


I elbow Thorn. “Does it piss you off when he tries to top you?”


The look on the prodigal son’s face says it all. “Yeah. Instead of bein’ in the room with my dad, I’m out here talkin’ about chicks with you.”


I elbow him again, this time harder than before. “We were talkin’ about your sister. The sister who’s probably in danger.”


We both walk into Bishop’s room and his eyes are narrowed on us from the second we come in. “Why didn’t you stop her? You knew it was fuckin’ important she stayed here!” He roars.


Even though he’s in a hospital bed, the man can still yell.


I rub the back of my neck trying to think of something to say that wouldn’t piss him off even more. I have nothing. I want to tell him that he shouldn’t have pissed her off in the first place, but I don’t. I also don’t tell him that he should have been nicer to her all those years ago then she wouldn’t be in danger.


And I wouldn’t have had my heart broken.


I say nothing.


“Fuck you, guys. You can’t do anything right!”


Again, I don’t say anything.



My dad will always be the one who wants to control everyone. He wants me to fall back in line but it's not happening again. I’m not falling into his line.


I’m wondering if all this was a staged attack. Would my dad fake his own attack to get me to come back? If he would, how did he get all the brothers to follow behind him? That’s just insane!


My head is pounding from my anger the whole one hundred miles I have spent in a taxi on my way back to my house. I’m filled with so much anger that I could choke on it.


Thorn used our own mother’s death to get me to come back so our dad could  give me some shit.


Dumb asses.


Why did I think it would be any different this time? Why did I think it would be different now that a few years have gone by? I will tell you that I’m more stupid than all those assholes combined.


Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? It’s been a few years. It's hasn’t been a lifetime or anything. None of them have changed. Especially my dad.

Those mother fuckers won’t ever quit. They won’t ever let me be me.


“You’re a pretty girl to be out by yourself,” the cabbie says to me in a thick accent from another country.


His eyes are brown matching his skin color but they are nice. Nice is what I need right now.


I shrug not knowing how to answer. Is he wanting me to tell him why I’m out here by myself? Nah, I would rather be the mystery girl.


He checks the mirror looking back at me again. “If my daughter were to be out by herself, I would want to make sure she’s okay.”


“I’m fine, sir. Thank you.”


We don’t say anything for another twenty minutes while I stare out the window. In the back, there’s a plexiglass separating us and I feel as if the glass is actually saving him from my crazy. My life is purely insane.


What the hell am I going to do? I will tell you that I have no idea. I have no idea how to handle any of this so I’m not going to. I’m going to live my life exactly how I want to and they can suck a dick.


Every last one of them.


The cabbie signals to get off the highway and pulls into a little gas station off the road. He stops and gets out of the car without saying anything to me. I probably should go to the bathroom but I don’t want to get out and deal with people right now. The idea of socializing is too much for me.


My vibrating phone is what draws me out of my little war I’m having against myself.


UNKNOWN: ur not safe


UNKNOWN: watch ur back


UNKNOWN: come back home


UNKNOWN: sinclair, stop being stubrn


ME: who is this




ME: how the fuck did you get my number?


UNKNOWN: thats what u ask me


ME: yeah, it's unlisted


UNKNOWN: exactly the reason why ur not safe


ME: leave me alone


UNKNOWN: i know u dont like me


ME: im not getting into this with yo


UNKNOWN: i still care about u


ME: dont make me laugh


UNKNOWN: stop being selfish and come home


“Sorry about that, are you ready?” The cabbie asks me as he slides into the car.


I nod my head staring at my phone so more. If James, er, Hulk, found my number so easily, who else has it?


Fuck! These guys have me so paranoid now that I’m losing my mind!


“Yes, please.”


“What’s your address?”


Should I give him the right one? What if he’s one of the ones I’m being warned about?


What the fuck is wrong with me? They have me going crazy! Absolutely insane.


Before I can answer the cabbie, brights from the cars behind us blind me through the reflections of the plexiglass. I shield my eyes in hopes of that helping but it doesn’t. “Do people normally drive behind cabbies with their brights on?” I ask to be a bitch.


The cabbie gets over to the next lane to the let the assholes riding his ass go by. But they don’t.


“Holy shit!” I hiss out as they bump his back bumper with their car.


The car behind us rams into us again and again. The sudden jerk of the car makes me tilt forward.


“What the fuck?” I growl when the car hits us again. There’s another car which pulls up next to us and hits us on the side.


It’s not long before we are flying into the guardrail on the side of the highway. The car hits it hard from the force of the two cars hitting us repeatedly. My head bounces off the glass window once, twice and then three times. Every ounce of pain I feel is only muted by my being afraid.


“Are you okay?” I ask the cabbie who is staring at the steering wheel. I’m not sure if he’s alive, dazed or passed out. He’s looking rough from the ambush.


My fingers numbly undo my seat belt in an effort to see if the cabbie is okay but it didn’t happen.


With my ears still clogged from my blood pulsing through them, I didn’t hear someone come up until a shot has been fired into the head of the cabbie. I scream loudly in hopes it will help me.


We are boxed in completely. There’s no way to get out of the sandwich we’re in and I’m starting to hyperventilate. My body buzzes from the ambush but my heart is beating double time.


“Are you Sinclair Mendoza?” A gruff man’s voice asks me from the driver’s side window.


Unable to form words, I nod my identity.


“It's her! Get her out!”


No! There’s no way in fucking hell these guys are going to be getting me. I would rather die than be a part of this. “Who are you?” I beg stupidly.


Honestly, if they wanted me to know who they were I’m pretty sure they would have said something.


The blood from my forehead slides down my cheek and I brush it away. It isn’t until this moment that I realize I’ve been crying. It's funny how a person could cry and not even know it.


Since I’m on the passenger’s side of the car, I’m closest to the guardrail. If I break out the window, would I be able to make a run for it? Let's be realistic here. Would I be able to run to the woods and hide? I grab my phone that’s in my hand in hopes of it giving me strength.


I need that strength. Right now, I feel like a big baby.


On each side of the car, there’s a man in a cut with a gun pointing at the window. I duck my head low enough to prevent me from getting shot.


“Don’t forget,” someone calls out, “we need her alive.”


That’s semi-comforting they need me alive. Too bad I don’t know who they are.


“We have a message for your dad,” another man draws out with a gravelly voice. “He better be fuckin’ ready. We’re ready and we’re gonna strike when he least expects it. You lived as an insurance policy. Let your dad know The Sinners ain’t gonna put up with this shit anymore.”


I nod in understanding over whatever they mean. Truly, I have no idea what they are talking about but I have a feeling my dad does. They specifically know my dad and knew who I was. My fucking dad must owe them money or something. “Yes. I will tell him.”


“Grab her out of the fuckin’ car and throw her into one of the cages. We’re going to sample Chaos goods,” one of them says from behind the guys who are looking at me as if I’m fresh meat.


Which I am. I’m not a normal club girl anymore. I have nothing to do with my dad’s club and this whole fucking thing is annoying and dangerous. They are putting me in the middle of a very dangerous situation. A scary one.


I’m shaking from head to toe as I fight these greedy hands all over my body trying to yank me out of the back seat through a window. The window got busted out shortly after the rampage of these drivers.


That’s when my nightmare begins. That’s when everything changes in my life and now I’m going to have to figure out what the fuck to do with myself. It’s funny how you never realize how easy shit was until it's no longer easy.


Life is messy. It would have been easier to have these assholes kill me.






“So tell me how you got into porn?” The video producer asks me as I sit in a bathrobe with nothing under it.


Well, I could do the normal bull shit answer where I mention my daddy didn’t pay enough attention to me or some shit. Truth is, he did. We just wanted different things for me. He wanted me to be a biker’s ol’ lady, I wanted a degree but ended up becoming a porn star. “Huh, I guess I never really thought about it. I just kinda fell into it.”


Cara Hawke looks at her notes and then smiles at me with her fake white teeth. Great. That’s the smile of “things are about to get more personal.” She’s a fake blonde lady with some dark eyebrows. Most people hate her because she has the ability to get into your history and exploit it. She once made my friend, Candace, cry because she mentioned her past drug addiction.


“Well, according to my records, you became the guardian to your two nieces after the death of your older brother. Do you think that has something to do with it?”


I look at her and throw my naturally brown but blonde hair over my shoulder. I hate when people bring up Gabe. What happened to him is a travesty and many people are still affected about it. Including my two nieces. “It’s a possibility,” I say laced with hostility. “However, I was filming before I took over custody.”


“Well,” she draws it out and then looks at me, “how do you feel now that you are a single guardian and doing porn? Do you think you will retire?”


I look up at the ceiling and ask Gabe for strength. This is why I hate these meetings or interviews. Personally, I call them a grilling but White Hot Productions say they are beneficial. “Only time will tell, Cara. If you excuse me, I need to go pick up my nieces.” I slide down the director-like chair and walk off the stage.