Claimed (Wolf Essence Book 1)


“Let’s go, Mya. We should jump the fence instead. What do you think?”

“That sounds like a good idea, Starling. Let’s go.”

“No, that’s not a good plan, at all…”

“Shut-up Denver, you’re here to help us get inside. That’s it.”

“Starling, I don’t want anything happening to you. I care about you. I think I’ve fallen--” but she cut him off before he finished. “Don’t say it, Denver. We have nothing more than great sex between two good friends. Stop trying to tie me down, we’re not mates. All you need to do is give me a good hard fuck when I need it, and I need it all the time.” Denver’s mouth fell open as if he wanted something to say, but clammed up, pussy.

We made our way down the road, “We can jump the fence here. Denver, remember this spot. Standby for our text. Let’s go, Starling.” The night was still and quiet. Thank God, a bit of luck on our side.

“Let’s try to pick up the scent of the guards maybe we can figure out how many there are.” We walked through a densely treed area until we came upon the long, winding lane and decided it would be better to stay invisible for as long as possible.

As we crossed the last line of vegetation, we heard heavy footfalls coming toward us; rogues surrounded us.

“You didn’t get enough of me, Starling? I am glad you are here. You’ll be a nice treat for the boys, that is, after me,” Nico sneered.

“Nico it’s my mission to end you. You’ll be moaning my name, but it won’t have anything to do with pleasure.”

Nico snarled and grabbed her arm. She was smart, that was one reason she was Cade’s Beta, Starling always had a plan.

One of them grabbed my arm, dragging me across the gravel into the house. He yanked me up and ordered me to walk down the darkened corridor. A door on our left was open, and I scented three wolves but had no idea of who they were.

Nico shoved us into the room, and a beast of a man greeted us. “We have guests, Eddie. I am Gavin Richie. Nico is my grandson. Oh but, I am sure, you already know that. My other three grandsons are in the dungeon. And your mate is with them, Mya.”

“Oh Mya…you smell heavenly,” he drew in a deep breath. “Like sex on a stick, girl. I hope you remember me,” he asked as he moved his hand up and down my back. His touch made me shudder and threw me into a fit of dry heaves, “Yes, you do, remember me.”

I tried to calm myself and looked up at him. “You repulsive piece of shit, of course, I remember you. How could I not? You tried to kill me in that alley after you tried to rape me.”

“My balls still hurt. I should know better than to trust a bitch.” The room howled at his remark.

“You, have balls? You mean you can still find them after what I did.” That made me burst out laughing. “Then, my friend found and beat the shit out of you, too.”

Eddie grabbed a handful of my hair, a nasty look crossed his ugly, cratered face. “You’re mine, bitch. I’d hate to have you broken in, by the boys. It would be a most unpleasant experience for you. They aren’t as refined as I am,” he sneered.

“I would rather fuck a ship full of horny sailors than touch you,” then spat in his face. One of the rogues rushed toward us and punched me. He hit me with such force that I flew through the air, and I crashed headfirst into the interior brick wall.

“You son-of-a-bitch, I swear I’m going to rip you apart!” Someone was yelling. It sounded like Starling, but my head hurt so bad I couldn’t be sure. I slowly started to pry my eyes open.

“Really, and I was thinking we could have a little fun. What do you say we go down to the dungeon, and see your Alpha? You are his second, right bitch? I want you down there too,” a man I didn’t recognize, motioned to Nico, “bring Mya, we’ll mix it up a bit. We will have one big party, but poor Cade will only get to watch, in horror, as his beautiful mate and Beta Bitch get fucked senseless, in front of him. He won’t be able to do a damn thing about it.” His evil laugh ripped through the quiet room.

“That wasn’t part of our plan, Eddie. That’s not right.” Who the hell is Eddie, I thought to myself. And who is this other guy?

“Nico, shut your grandfather up.” Eddie yelled and turned to Nico’s grandfather, “You’ve always been a tough one. You don’t even notice how badly you’re blowing it.”

“No, something is wrong, you ignorant buffoon. I see no reason to keep it to myself,” the grandfather adamantly replied.

“Nico, take the bitches to the dungeon. I’ll be right down.”

I blacked out again before Nico swung me over his back and grabbed my arm. We headed down the steps into the damp under-dwelling that housed prisoners.

* * *

I came fully awake with my hands tied behind my back. Starling was sitting on the floor to my right. My mind opened, my senses went wild. I could smell the familiarity of something that was mine

“Cade…. Cade ….” I tried to stand, only to have Nico push me to the floor.

“Baby girl, I’m here. What the hell are you two doing here?” They beat Cade, it made me sick to imagine anyone hurting him.

“Cade, oh my God, you’re hurt,” I cried. I was so close to him, it felt like I would never touch him.

“Fuck, Mya, you’re in heat. What are you doing in this godforsaken place? Do you know what those crazy bastards want to do to you?” He grabbed onto the bars and shook them. “Christ, your scent is driving me insane. Fuck,” he yelled thrashing against the bars.

“Well Alpha, I see you’ve met my new concubine,” Eddie said as he made his way down the stairs. His wicked laugh filled my head, and it made me want to kill him. All I wanted was my mate. I had to get to Cade, to hold him, to have him.

I started to lose control of my wolf; she was desperate for our mate. I got to my feet, and rammed Eddie from behind, smashing his head on the cell grid. Before he could move away, Devon grabbed him by the hair, smashing his head against the steel bars.

Blood seeped from the gash and covered the floor below him. Eddie slipped in his fluids and fell to the dirt ground.

Cade released my hands, and I quickly untied Starling. I grabbed the keys off Eddie’s pants and opened the cells. The sound of footsteps was all we heard, as vamps thundered down the stairs.

I pushed Starling, along with Devon and his brothers, while Cade pulled me in with him. Both cells closed, and I had the only keys to unlock them. The vamps were like rabid animals, starved beyond any hunger.

The vamps thrashed against the cell bars, but the cells were built to keep vamps inside, they also kept them out too.

We were only feet away from the others, but that could not tamp down my flaring desire.

Cade pulled me to him and kissed me hard. My arousal called to his beast. There, behind my eyes, I could see my wolf pacing back and forth, desperate to take what belonged to us. She pounced, I grabbed Cade, practically dragging him to the back of the cell.

“Mya, are you sure?” His warm breath caressed my ear, and I groaned.

“Am I sure?” I asked him as I grabbed the front of his shirt and ripped it from his torso. “I’m beyond sure, take off your pants, and show me what an Alpha can do.” I sucked his nipple and bit down hard enough to draw blood.

Cade gasped, “Jesus, baby.” He grabbed me, turned me around, pushed me against the bars, while behind me, and kneed my legs apart. He twisted my hair in his fist and pulled back hard. “You want my cock…want to cum all over it?” I felt the bulge of his erection grind into my lower back before he claimed my mouth. I tried to gain dominance, but he wasn’t going to let that happen.

“You’re mine, I love you, but right now, I’m going to fuck you into another stratosphere, baby.” He licked the side of my face before thrusting his tongue back into my mouth. I barely heard Cade’s growl over the screams filling the air.

“Devon, help me, help me,” I knew what was happening without even looking. The vamps were ravenous, and they wanted anything that blood flowed through, and Nico was their next target.

The only key to the cell doors was in the pocket of my jeans, which were now on the floor, wrapped around my left ankle. My right leg was propped on one of the rungs of the bars; my body shook around Cade’s fingers as they filled me.

“Throw the keys to me, Mya,” Darius yelled, and I was completely oblivious to his demands. The grip of my heat was in full swing; Cade’s scent, his body against mine, his breath in my ear, and the demand my body forced upon me had my brain in overload.

“Fuck me,” I snarled. “Stop playing!” I heard the wisp of his zipper and a hard smack on my ass jolted me out of a haze.

Cade whispered in my ear, “Don’t ever give me an order,” he slid his cock up through my folds until it hit my clit. “You got that, baby girl or next time I will take you over my knee and tan your sweet ass,” I nearly lost it when I felt the head of his shaft bump my entrance.

I groaned, “Please,” and Cade thrust into me with such force I was sure I’d end up in the next cell. The commotion still played out around us, as we tried to sate our hunger.

“Forget it, Darius,” Devon grunted as he watched Nico’s face twist in horror.

“He’s our brother. What’s wrong with you, are you that heartless?” He growled at his Alpha brother.

“He put himself on this road and chose to join with them. No, we’re not helping him and believe me, he wouldn’t help you if you were in that same situation.”

“Devon’s right, Darius…Nico can’t play both sides,” Magnus offered.

Cade’s fingers dug into my hips, as he hammered into my pussy, hard. “Oh, fuck feels like heaven,” he muttered, as he grabbed a bar above my head. I felt that familiar tingle sweep over me, and Cade’s hand snaked around my front to my engorged nub.

“Oh, God,” I cried out, only to have my mate tug my hair.

“You don’t come until I say, baby,” he growled. “I own this pussy.” My wolf was in tune with his, and I could feel Cade struggle for control. He shuddered as his skin rolled, his wolf wanted out to play. With my hair wound tightly in his grip, I heard a hitch in my mate’s breathing; I turned to suck his neck, then embedding my canines into his sinewy vein.

“Jesus, baby,” and I came, hard. Cade hammered into me furiously, as I rode through the bliss and he stilled, releasing inside of me. He roared, on the cusp of shifting, our mixed essence dripping down my inner thigh and pooling beneath us.

My legs gave way, and Cade held me as he lowered both of us to the dirt floor. A light sweat hung to our tangled bodies, and he pulled out, kissing me.

He held me, my back to his front and pushed my damp hair away from my cheeks. “You are fucking amazing,” he whispered. “I love you, Mya.

“Are you two about finished, in there?” Starling’s voice rattled my brain. “Cause, damn…it’s getting hot in here,” she cursed and snapped her fingers. “I have never watched a live sex show, but, you two deserve an award.” She smiled and walked to the side of our cell. “Mya, I had no idea, you were such a dirty bitch.”

Both Cade and I burst out laughing. “Do you think you can stand,” I asked him.

“Yeah, I can, what about you?”

“I think my legs will work. Please, just get up slow…” he stood and pulled me up with him. Cade kissed me, bent down, pulled my jeans over my rear, and then swatted my butt.

I turned around to face him and fisted his shaft, “I want to suck you, Cade. Let’s get out of this place, I’m already horny again.”

Cade pried me off him, did up his pants, even though they were snug in the front. “Mya, it’s because you’re in heat. Not that I mind, but there is the matter of getting out of here, alive. We have to rescue our allies…. find my brother, oh, and I’ll need to fuck you about three more times before we are even off this property.” His lips brushed mine, sensuously and I growled from need.

“Devon, how do you propose we get out of here?” Cade yelled over to him, “The

vamps out there are looking at us like we’re an all-day buffet.”