Claimed (Wolf Essence Book 1)


“I don’t know Cade…we could be in here a while.”

“Great, I don’t want to hear you and Cade screwing for the next hour.”

Cade smiled and winked at me. “Don’t you fret, Starling…I’m sure Denver will be here to rescue you. That is what a knight in shining armor does, right? He’s on the property, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, I tried to message him, but we’re down too far. There’s no service on my phone.”

“Shit, did you give him time as to how long he should wait?”

“I told him if he didn’t hear from us in a half hour, to get his ass in here. And, we’ve about hit that time limit.”

“Let’s hope he’s got a group ready to go.” Cade just finished talking when a blur, sent the remaining vamps flying through the air. A handsome vampire, with longish blonde hair, stood in front of our cells with Denver beside him.

“Holy shit, Vlad,” Devon laughed, “We all thought you were dead, old friend. The rogues dumped a headless corpse at the edge of the compound property, and they scented you.”

“I’m very much alive, Devon and happy to see that you are fine. How the hell did they get you down here?” Vlad opened the cell doors and ushered us upstairs, “So, you’re Cade James?” He smiled. “I presume you are, Mya,” he grinned. “Now I understand what all the fuss is about.”

“Starling, I was so worried about you,” Denver said as he wrapped his arms around her. “Cade, it’s damn good to see you, brother,” he pulled Cade into a one-armed hug.

“Vlad, that’s some freaky shit you’ve got going on down there,” Denver muttered while crushing Starling against his body, breathing in her essence.

“What do you say we fill those cells up, Denver,” Vlad asked. “We can bring those damn rogues down we gathered up.” The vampire turned to Devon, “I’m sorry about Nico, that’s quite an unfortunate demise. But, he was always an unpredictable bastard. You never knew what he was up to.”

“I guess I have to bring his body or what’s left back to the compound. Did you see Gavin?” Devon asked Vlad.

“Eddie killed him when Starling and Mya were brought down here. I’ll make sure Nico’s body is taken to the compound,” and patted Devon on the shoulder. “What do you want me to do with, Gavin?”

“Honestly, don’t give a flying fuck what you do with him. He led Nico astray, I hope he rots in hell,” Devon explained to Cade.

The pack enforcers filled the cells, the vamps that Vlad’s followers caught were disposed of, and the rest vanished.

Once we got outside, Cade wanted us to shift. After a good run and some play, we would head back to the compound.

Vlad put the kibosh to those plans, quickly. He said it was urgent, for all of us to return together. We had to figure out, who and where the decapitated body came from, and about the labyrinth of tunnels under the King’s domain.

* * *

“That’s where your brother is, Cade…In that maze of tunnels that span the length of the house.” Vlad claimed as we discussed Milo on compound land.

Ivana sat next to Devon, hanging on his every word, as he held her close. “I think, with Vlad’s help, we shouldn’t have any problem getting your brother, Cade. It’ll be a delicate operation, but, it’s doable.”

“How do you figure that, Devon?” I asked him.

“May I interject?” Vlad asked.

“Yes, Vlad, by all means,” Devon answered.

“As I said before, there’s a labyrinth of tunnels spanning the entire length of his living quarters. They would’ve been dug out after the house was built. I’m guessing so it wouldn’t raise any suspicion.”

“You’re sure that’s where Milo is? You actually saw him?” Cade’s brow furrowed.

“No, not physically but he spoke to me. He was down a few cells from me.”

“Well, then how do you know, for certain it was him?” Cade questioned.

“I can say, it’s a ninety-nine percent chance, that it’s him. He told me where he was from and that his brother is the Alpha in Southern Ontario…I am positive, it was him.”

“I mean no disrespect, when I ask this, Vlad. But, why didn’t you take him with you?” Cade narrowed his eyes, with an air of mistrust.

“By the time, I was able to get word to my followers, they moved him. I am not quite sure where they took him. They considered me an important captive…. but your brother was more important than anyone else down there.”

“Why? He is a fucking kid…all he thinks about is partying. Did you hear something about him… as to why he is being held?”

Vlad’s eyes widened. “I know why he’s being held. He went looking for Jeslin, the King’s deceased daughter. Seems that your brother felt there was some unfinished business with her.” “What the hell, unfinished business? What kind of business….do you mean about this child?”

“From what I gathered, Cade…Milo went looking for her. After going to the places that they frequented, a few newly turned vamps heard him. Because he was asking around, they assumed he was the hunter searching for the child. Which only made sense, because weres and vamps are natural born enemies? That’s when Milo, found out Jeslin had been murdered.”

“How in the hell, would anyone think Milo was a hunter? He’s laid back…and like I said the only thing he thinks of is partying and who he can bury his dick in.”

“Cade,” Willow gasped and smacked his arm, “could you be any cruder?”

“He’s only being honest, Willow. We all know what Milo is like and his lack of common sense.”

“Really, Luke, did you grow up with him? No, you didn’t, keep bad-mouthing him and you’ll be sleeping on the floor.”

Just then, Falon stormed into the room, “Devon, you let them kill, Nico?” She was livid, “I knew you didn’t care about him,” she yelled, sniffling. “Do you think, because you’re the Alpha, that gives you the right to hand someone their death warrant? You self-righteous prick, why do you think you should’ve been his judge and jury?”

“Falon, that’s enough,” Lizbeth declared. “He was our son, and yes, your brother,” she looked over at her mate, Bronson. “It couldn’t have been an easy decision for, Devon. I am sure of that Darius and Magnus can corroborate that for you. But, the safety of the pack is now and will always be, first.”

“I don’t care, about this pack, mother. There was no reason, for that to happen. Nico should be here with us.”

“Falon, calm down, babe, let’s go on a run,” Jensen whispered as he tried to comfort her.

“No, I don’t want to. I know you agree with them, Jensen.” He did not answer but averted his gaze, and Falon narrowed her eyes at him, “Huh, I guess I pegged you on that one, babe,” she hissed. “We’re done, do you understand me, stay away from me.”

“Falon, don’t be this way. I love you, you’re my mate,” the look on Jensen’s face was absolute horror.

“You’re what?” Lizbeth choked.

“When we were on vacation, Falon and I, we mated,” he looked down at his hands, fiddling with a ring he was wearing. “With all this craziness, we forgot to tell everyone,” Jensen murmured. “We hid it, but with so much happening here I don’t think anyone would’ve noticed.” He then faced Falon, “You can’t mean that” taking her hands in his. “You can’t just leave me, Fal.” Tears streamed over Falon’s cheeks, “I’ll die without you, babe, I don’t want to live without you.”

“Huh, I guess it sucks to be you, Jen,” she wiped her sleeve across her face. “You just blew your chance, of any happily ever after with me.”

“I’ve marked you Falon, claimed you as mine, we are bonded.”

“Jensen,” Devon snarled, “let it go, for now. There has been a lot of chaos around here the past few days. But, we are far from finished here, you got me,” he said to his sister. “After everything is settled, and Milo is safe, we’ll tackle this matter. Do you understand, Falon?” He gave her a stern look, “This bonding, is not over, you have to live with the decisions you’ve made. Jensen is good for you, and I swear he must be a saint to put up with your bullshit.”

“Live with my decisions? Will you be able to live with yours, Devon? Just think, some-day Klaus, will be the Alpha of this pack and would you ever condone it if he let someone kill, Owen or Irena?”

Ivana stood up, “That’s enough, Falon. You need to leave this room, in fact, just get out. While you are alone in your own self-pity, think about the things you said.” In a huff, Falon left, with Jensen following her.

“Shit, that boy is in for a rude awakening. She will make him suffer, far more than he can even comprehend,” Magnus observed.

“Let’s get back to business…Vlad, how did you get locked up in the King’s dungeons?” Devon inquired.

“It’s kind of, a funny story,” he thought pensively. “It seems a few of my inner circle had decided a coup was in order. Because they were indebted to the King and felt that, this was the way to take over. I go to great lengths to care for my followers, and all I ask in return is loyalty.” “So, the King, was looking for you?” Ivana asked him.

“Well, just as Milo had lies told about him, so have I. Those who have betrayed me are no longer a threat, and they won’t be a bother to any creature walking this earth again.”

The insinuation was enough for all of us to understand. “Do you think, Milo, is still alive?” I asked Vlad, changing the subject.

“Yes but, he’s been beaten, starved, and tortured…not only by Lazarus’ minions, but also with thoughts of the child. And, he most certainly believes, that Draxen is his.”

The conversation went well into the night. Dom was still in the infirmary, in a coma…with his mate Sayra, holding a vigil at his bedside. Devon was distraught and went to see Dom and to offer help to Sayra. Hours later, when Dev returned, he and Ivana retired to their quarters.

Mya and I took extra breaks because her heat was so uncontrollable. We tried to be discreet, but we were not fooling anyone. Especially, after the whole cell incident and I knew once this was over, embarrassment would set in for her.

“We can reconvene in the morning hours. I think we could all do with some rest. Meet here in the morning. Goodnight everyone,” Darius, muttered in Devon’s absence.

“I agree, Darius. I will see myself out. As always, thank you, for your hospitality,” Vlad bowed his head and vanished within seconds.

* * *

Once we returned to our cottage, Luke started a fire in the stone hearth. Denver came down, “Where the hell did you two run off to, it was important for you to be there, both of you,” Cade asked.

“Sorry, Cade, Starling, was starting to freak out. She has been acting strange since we got back. I don’t know, how else to explain it.”

“Do you think I should talk to her?” Cade asked him.

“I’m not sure? Maybe it is just me, and maybe it’s nothing. Shit, I don’t know.” He was a bunch of jumbled up nerves. He looked drained and exhausted, “She’s sleeping, finally.”

“Why are you saying, ‘finally,' Denver? Something had to have happened, for you to be that worried,” Willow added.

“Well, she’s been saying some crazy shit, about that King vamp, Lazarus. Almost like an out of body thing, ya know…she’s here in body, but her mind is somewhere else.”

“What did she say, about Lazarus? We don’t know anything about him, except for what, Devon and Vlad, have told us.”

“My thought too, Cade. However, the way she is talking, it is as if she is there in the room and is eavesdropping on him. Every word he says, she repeats it to me, relaying the whole conversation.” Denver dropped to the couch, leaned forward, and put his head in his hands.

“That’s weird, but we’ll figure it all out, Denver. Starling’s, one tough woman. You know that, hell, we all do,” Cade reassured him.

“This is different, Cade. The look on her face, the way she has been acting, almost as if she is possessed. It is some scary shit…I’m telling you, I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

“Um, can I interrupt, here?” I asked quietly, remembering what I had read in a book years ago.

“Yeah, of course, Mya, what’s up?” Cade raised his eyebrows while everyone else looked at me.

“I’ve always like to read, the stranger the book the better and I remember this one book I read, a long time ago, about this girl and, she had a very similar experience. They call it, body-walkers. I did not think anything of it at the time, but I have heard that some people inherit this. I guess some consider it, a gift….”

“Body-walkers, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that. Can you give us any information on it or a definition?” Willow asked me, as her brow furrowed.

“Well, from what I remember, there has to be some sort of exchange of fluid from one person to the other. Only then, can the person whose body shuts down, transfer to the other person. It is almost as if they are in that body, seeing and hearing everything as if they are there.”

“Why would this happen to her now, though? It makes no sense at all, Mya.” He sneered, “She’s an adult, this should’ve started when she was a fucking kid, don’t you think?” Denver questioned as he glared at me.

“Denver, you’re asking me about something, I read years ago. All that I remember is what I just told you. Maybe, one of the vamps from the cells touched her, or she was bitten or scratched by one?” I remarked.

“Did you ask her if she came in close contact with anyone? Maybe she scuffled with someone, Denver.”

“Fuck, Cade, you should ask your mate. Mya and Starling took off and left me in a lurch. I guess they felt, a newly turned wolf in heat, and a bitch with a severe attitude problem could take on the rogues. They wanted to be the bait,” Denver fingered quoted after his last word.

“Hey, you self-righteous fuck, we did what we had to. I was not going to sit back and wait for someone else to save the day. We made it happen, and if you think, you could have done any better, you are living in a fantasy world. At least with us, they’d want a piece before they killed us, but with you—they would have just killed you along with your useless male ego.”

“Mya, calm down, Denver is upset about Starling, and we need to support him.”

“You can give him support, Willow, I gave Starling mine.” I finished what I wanted to say and headed upstairs.

They were still down there, talking, and I blocked their gibberish out, nothing they said interested me. I just wanted to take a shower and rinse away any memories of today.

The warm water cascaded over my body, melting away any underlying issues. It helped to set me at ease, and I hoped it would wash away the terrible memory of Nico’s death. Everyone else was fine. The important thing was that Cade and Devon were home.

I felt a slight coolness as the shower door opened and strong arms enveloped me. “Are you okay, baby girl,” Cade asked. “If you need to talk about anything, you know I’m here.” Right now, talking was the furthest thing from my mind. I didn’t want to think, all I wanted was to feel… feel my mate. I turned to him, as waves of my raging heat crushed me, again. Only Cade could douse the oncoming flames.

His lips brushed mine, and he bit my lower lip, “You sure this is what you want, right now?” Once I pressed my lips to his and wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft, there were no more questions. He groaned, and I took control as I got on my knees. His hands twisted into my wet hair as he nudged his cock into my mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” he growled, bracing his hands on the wall, and rocked in and out of my mouth. I closed my eyes and braced myself on his thighs as I pushed him back.

“What?” Cade questioned, looking down at me, but I didn’t answer him. I watched the feral look in his ever-changing eye color and ran my tongue over the head and down his length. God, I loved the way he tasted, all masculine and earthy, and all mine as I bobbed on his shaft.

I held him in one hand and pushed two fingers into my pussy. I moaned around his shaft, which sent goosebumps over his skin. I licked the sensitive skin of the perineum, as his head fell back, and a growl echoed in the shower stall. “Shit,” he muttered and looked down at me. “You are so fucking perfect.”

I released him with a pop, and he chuckled, lifting me up, until I wrapped my legs around his waist, pushing my feet against his ass. I wanted him inside me, and I gasped when his hardness rubbed against my opening. Cade James was the perfect fit for me, and when his ample thickness pierced my flesh, I knew who owned me and whom I owned.

“Jesus, you drive me fucking crazy,” he groaned. “It’s your scent, I swear,” I didn’t give him a chance to finish as I sucked in his plump, bottom lip.

My back slid on the cold tile as Cade, gripped my ass and hiked me up, burying his face between my legs. I groaned as one hand braced on the wall and the other using his long hair as an anchor. I rode him hard, relishing in the feel of his hot tongue gliding through my folds, taking me on a journey of pleasure and bringing me right on the cusp of release.

Tingles rushed up my spine, my body ripe with need. Cade, thrust two fingers inside me and grazed my sweet spot, and I lost it. Writhing on his tongue, I rode out my blissful state as his lashings continued until my body stilled.

He licked the stickiness from his fingers and lowered me until he was inside me. Cade was anything but gentle, as he surged into me, hard and fast. I breathed in short, shallow breaths, as Cade grunted every time he rammed into me, grinding his hips as his cock massaged my clit.

“You want to cum,” he grinned, “Oh yeah, you need to cum,” his voice rough and deep. I crushed my mouth over his, as Cade grabbed my hips hard and bucked into my depths. “Fuck, cum,” he grunted against my neck, biting down, throwing both of us over the edge.

“Your heat is going to kill me, baby girl,” he chuckled. “But, hell, I’ll die a happy man.” I rested my head on his chest, inhaled his masculine scent, and sighed. “That’s the sound of a sated woman,” Cade’s deep timber echoed throughout his upper body.

“It would seem so,” and I licked his nipple. “Nothing will ever be this perfect, Cade. I’m falling so in love with you.” I pulled my head up to look into his eyes and kissed his perfect mouth, “You think you can handle that, big guy?”

“All I know, Mya, is I’m already there.”