Claimed (Wolf Essence Book 1)


“What? I thought he went to visit, Willow?” Denver asked.

“He never showed up. He didn't get on his flight, but he rented a car. Now, we must find all the pieces of this puzzle, put them together and figure out what happened to him. Christ, this isn’t what I need right now.”

“Cade, come on man. Milo is an irresponsible shit. We all know that, but we can’t blame ourselves. If something has happened to him, it was after he ditched his car and picked up the rental. Why the fuck would he rent a car. That makes no sense at all,” Dane agreed.

“He probably didn’t want us to track him. He’s not stupid. Milo went to a lot of trouble to cover his ass. I just don’t know why?” Cade turned to me, lines furrowing his brow. “Mya, we’re going to have to go to Toronto. You’re good with a computer, right?”

“I can hold my own, but how do you know that thought?”

“Remember, baby girl, I’ve known you for a while now,” Cade said with a wink.

This whole thing is still so weird, but I truly want to help him find his brother, so I offer, “I know a few Private Investigators. I’ll see if they have time to help us.”

“Thanks, Mya,” Cade remarked as he caressed my arms. His eyes shined with something I wasn’t accustomed to. “This is a huge transition for anyone, and I’m asking a lot of you. I realize this isn’t the best way to adapt to your new life.” His sincerity and acceptance caught me off-guard, which made my heart skip a beat “This is right out of left field, but I need you, Mya.”

“I can try, I’m far from understanding this whole world; the mating thing, this insane need to be close to you and having people around me who genuinely care. Oh, and let’s not forget that shifters and vampires are real.” Cade just hugged me closer, trying to give me his strength.

* * *

We were traveling with Startling and Denver to Toronto. Zander and Dane would run the bar and make sure things ran smoothly here. Candy wanted to go, but Cade felt she was too emotional, and left Marcus and Seth to help her at the bar.

“Okay everything’s ready, Willow and Luke will meet us in Toronto. We have three rooms booked for the Four Points by Sheraton Airport. Everyone should get packed and get a good night’s rest. We start out in less than 24 hours,” Cade informed us.

“You don’t need to worry about anything here, Cade. Between the two of us, things will be okay. Just find Milo and bring the little ass home,” Dane remarked. “We’ve got the bar covered for tonight, too. You and Mya go get ready for your trip.”

“Okay, let’s go,” Cade, murmured as he took my hand in his. He led me to the elevator and was silent until we entered the apartment. “I’m going to start a fire. Would you like a glass of wine?” I nodded as he grabbed some wood and kindling to put in the hearth.

I watched as the muscles in his back tensed as he got the fire roaring. The glow of the flames danced around him, casting shadows across his chiseled features “She’s going pretty good,” he smiled. “I’ll get you some wine and get something for us to snack on.”

So, went our evening, Cade had me laughing with some of the antics from his childhood. He had a fantastic life and in turn, was now an incredible man and leader. I think I misjudged our previous night because I was kidnapped and held against my will, but for the purpose to keep me safe.

Cade James wasn't the conceited narcissist I thought he was, but quite the opposite. There was a light in him, which I could live in or it could be the three-quarters of a bottle of wine mixed with half a bottle of vodka. It didn’t matter because the night had been fun.

“I saw that,” Cade smirked as he sat next to me on the couch. “That yawn is telling me it’s time for bed.”

“I am a bit tired,” I answered, snuggling closer to him. I stared at the flames of the fire, casting a warm glow over the room. Cade rubbed my back, and I felt at ease for the first time that I could remember. I closed my eyes and let everything fade away; the doubt of what this all means and how was I supposed to rule alongside a man I only met yesterday.

I must’ve fallen asleep because I was now lying on the couch, with the hard plains of Cade's chest behind me. His arm cradling my head and his other splayed protectively across my belly. Even as I tried not to wake him, his hand tightened around my middle.

He inhaled. “Don’t go,” Cade's voice was rough with sleep and sexy as hell. “I didn’t want to wake you.” His breath blew over my ear making me shiver. “Are you cold,” he muttered as he kissed my ear and pulled the afghan from the back of the sofa to cover us.

“No,” I whispered, “I’m fine.” My body shook from the intimate touch of his lips on my ear, I wiggled my rear and bumped against his erection and froze. “Sorry,” was all I could think to say, but it wasn’t what I wanted to say. If I didn’t break this haze I was in, I was going to end up under him within minutes.

Cade chuckled, “I’ve been semi-hard since you got here, Mya. Your squirming isn’t helping.” His hand traveled down my stomach until it cupped my sex. “God, I want you, baby girl.”

Now, usually this would be when I took control, but Cade was different. He scared me, in a way I felt like I could lose myself, yet I still couldn’t grasp the reason why. He ground himself against my rear, his groan echoing around us and I rocked back.

Cade unzipped my jeans and grazed the front of my panties with his finger. “Fuck, you’re so wet for me, let me take care of you,” he muttered breathily. Before I knew it, he had my jeans unbuttoned and pushed inside the lacey band.

I placed my hand on his, unable to let him stop now, “Oh, God,” I uttered in a foreign voice. Cade played my body like an instrument until he heard enough of my moans. He then threw off the blanket, ripping my pants off my body. His warm tongue contacting my lower lips as he licked, nipped and sucked as I rode his face.

He came upon me, lips drenched in my juices and I lapped at his mouth, tasting myself. I thrust my tongue over his lips, sucked his tongue, and silently wished it was his cock. He was so hard and massive. “Please, Cade,” I grunted. That broke the spell, he sat back on his knees.

He dragged his hands through his disheveled hair, “Shit, I’m sorry, I lost control.” his brow furrowed, and my heart sank. He grabbed my panties off the floor and handed them to me.

I pulled them up, lifting my butt up off the couch as his gaze darkened. “What are you sorry for?” I asked him, a tad pissed at his reaction. “I mean, if you want me and I say yes you’re not forcing me,” he shook his head and laid his head on my chest. I could feel his fear but didn’t understand it.

“You don’t always have to be the Alpha, you know,” at that, he peered up at me. Then he grabbed the discarded blanket off the floor, covered us, laying his head on my breasts. I listened as his heartbeat calmed and knew he was asleep. Sleep wasn’t coming that easy for me though, as my mind kept me awake.


I woke up to a groan, not from me but Mya. I sat back on my legs as she screamed and flew up almost banging her head on mine. At first, she cocked her fist ready to strike, until she realized it was me.

“What the hell were you dreaming about?” I asked her, mildly amused.

She gasped for air and narrowed her eyes at me, “Is something funny?”

“Fuck, no,” I muttered and rolled off the couch to add wood to the fire. She held her face in her hands and was breathing heavy. “Mya, are you okay?”

She shook her head and got up from the couch, only to fall on the carpet from the afghan twisting around her legs. I crawled over to her, as she lay huddled in a ball and pulled her on my lap.

“Shh,” I soothed. “Do you want to talk about it?” Mya lowered her hands and looked at me; her beautiful eyes red from crying. “No,” she stuttered as she laid her head on my shoulder.

“You know, you don’t always have to be the brave one,” success, that made her laugh. “So, what’s going on in that pretty head of yours?” She wiped the back of her hand under her nose and stared at me.

“I’m scared, Cade. Scared that I’m going to wake up tomorrow and all of this will be gone. I’m confused because I don’t know if this is what I want, then again I can’t think of not being around you.” My heart broke when she began to sob again. I got up with her in my arms and carried her into my room, laid her on my bed and crawled over her.

“Shit,” I cursed under my breath and looked at her. “Would you mind if I take my pants off, jeans are not exactly the most comfortable to sleep in.” She shook her head, and I stood and let them fall to the floor. “I have briefs on, okay.”

Mya laughed, the sound felt like the sun shining down on me. I got back in bed, “It’s only three, so we can still get some sleep.” Then she moved across the king size mattress and burrowed her head in the crook of my shoulder. Before long, her breathing evened out, and I knew she was asleep.

I must’ve dozed off because when Mya jumped on top of me, I was startled and instantly awake. “What the fuck, Mya,” her face was pale, and fear cascaded off her. “Mya,” I shook her, and she looked down at me.

“I-I keep having strange dreams, well, that’s not right, more like nightmares,” her voice was low, and she trembled. I pulled her down and held her against my chest, funny how it made my stomach flutter.

“Babe,” I whispered. “No one is going to hurt you here. You’re safe with me,” then she moved, and those wet little panties slid over my cock, making me groan. She tried to roll off me, but I held her tight. “Mya, I won’t hurt you, but I can’t control the wicked beast inside me when you are almost naked and rubbing on me,” her eyes met mine, and I could see the wheels turning.

She bent forward and kissed my chest and tendrils of lust shot up my body. “I’m so scared of you, Cade. Scared that I won’t be enough or that someone else will make you happier,” her lips brushed the skin on my neck and licked up to my earlobe. Every nerve in my body jumped to attention and fire crept into my cock, I swore under my breath as she reached inside my briefs to pump my shaft.

I watched her, her eyes a golden brown, lips gaping and her chest heaving, “Jesus, Mya,” I groaned. “You,” and I lost my thought, damn, think Cade… “You don’t have to do this right now,” how clever am I as a moan followed that statement. “Fuck, that feels good,” she was in another world, and I could see her wolf at the forefront.

I latched onto her hips and pushed against her pussy. “There isn’t anyone,” I grunted, “But you for me.” I howled like a pup the first time his dingdong was touched.


I looked down at the gorgeous man under me; he was either going to be my everything or destroy me. But, I didn't feel animosity from him, he smelled safe. Smelled safe?

I spread his pre-cum over the head of his cock and took my hand out of his briefs to taste it. It was better than candy. I grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head, Cade went to say something, but I shushed him as fast as I could.

I took his hand from my hips and placed them over each breast. He closed his eyes briefly, and when he opened them, his eyes swirled with an amber glow, “Fuck, you’re so beautiful, Mya,” he muttered while his hands kneaded my flesh. I moaned as he plucked each nipple making them salute him.

My hair cascaded down my back as I let my head fall, holding Cade’s hands to steady myself. He was as hard as iron as I ground my wetness over him. His briefs were now damp from my juices, and I nearly lost my mind when he dragged his right hand to the front of my panties.

“Will you scream my name, baby girl?” Cade’s voice was breathy; I nodded my answer as his thumb massaged my little-hardened nub. My mind became a frenzy of need, no thoughts only touch and smell, and I could smell his cum, and I wanted it. In me, my body, my mouth, I wanted everything Cade had to give.

I let out a strangled cry as Cade used his other hand and pulled my panties aside shoving his fingers deep inside me. There was no time to think, just feel the absolute bliss of his thick digits fucking my core while his thumb switched from circles over my clit.

“Oh,” I screamed when he crooked his fingers hitting that spot, my muscles clamped down on them, and I braced myself on his chest. I moved my core in rhythm with his hand, grinding out my bliss and choking out his name.

I was sweaty, shaken, and above all else, satisfied. My arms gave way, and I fell against Cade’s chest; then he wrapped his hands around me. We were both breathing heavy, and I felt my heart crack open a sliver more.

All the years I’d been having sex, no one had ever given me an orgasm like that or held me afterward. Not because Cade had to, but because he wanted to—I felt his need to be close to me, to nurture me and to be here for me no matter what happened around us.

Cade kissed the top of my head took in a deep breath. “Are you okay, baby girl?” I nodded, too overwhelmed to answer. “I didn’t hurt you, did I,” I looked up and smiled. “I don’t know if you’re even capable of hurting me, Cade,” I murmured as I pulled myself up by his shoulders and kissed him.

“I can honestly say, you’re right about that,” his lips brushed against mine. I felt his erection press against me and looked down between us.

Cade’s briefs were glistening with my essence, “Maybe we should get those wet things off you.” I smiled at him, and a twinkle flashed in his blue eyes.

“That’s not necessary,” Cade insisted. “I didn’t want to force this, let’s just go back to…”

“You didn’t force anything, Cade,” I mumbled, still sitting on his rock-hard cock. “Why don’t you sit against the headboard and let me take care of you.”

“Fuck, Mya, it doesn’t work like that,” his brow furrowed. “I take care of you, not the other way around.” I needed to punish him, so I flicked him on the cheek. “What the fuck was that for?” His eyes burned, and his cock got harder.

“I said sit against the headboard; it wasn't a request” I ordered, to my sheer enjoyment he complied. “First, I’m going to remove your briefs because they reek of cum.”

I lost my breath as his engorged shaft sprang free; the perfect thick crown; seeping with cum making my mouth water. “And, you want to deprive me of that?” I asked him as I stood on the bed, a smirk playing on his handsome face and removed my panties. Cade’s warm hands caressed my legs, gliding up and down, inciting goosebumps to pop up on my flesh.

“You,” he groaned, “Are the most perfect woman I’ve ever seen.” I lowered myself over him and watched as I enveloped his shaft, every single inch. The slight hitch in his breathing electrified me; his touch tantalized me, and his thick cock owned me.

We moaned in unison, I grabbed onto the headboard on either side of his head, lowered to my knees without taking my eyes off him. Both of his hands went to my waist, and with every downward stroke, he pushed up. Our rhythm was steady for a few minutes until Cade turned us over, so I was under him.

His hands braced on either side of my head, mouth so close to mine, his breath drifting across my face. Cade licked my breast, teasing each nipple with his teeth, his mouth sucking hard. His tongue curled over my collarbone as he made his way up to my neck, nipping my earlobe and kissing behind my ear.

I growled and dragged my nails down his back, knowing full well that blood dripped from the scratches. Cade hissed and crashed his mouth over mine, he bit my tongue and sucked it; I cried out as my impending pleasure hung just out of reach.

Then our savage dance began; our lips mashed together, teeth biting, tongues dueling and all I tasted was raw feral lust. It was natural, as it should be, the perfect man burrowing into my heart as deep as his cock burrowed into my core.

I whimpered, and Cade bore down, I couldn’t catch my breath as he pounded into my core at lighting fast speed. “Fuck yeah, baby, come for me,” he demanded, nuzzling my neck, and biting into my vein, and I lost all control. Cade pumped once, twice and shot come inside me, he stilled, filling me.

When the lust faded, and the weight of my mate’s body lay on top of me, I realized that my teeth had latched onto his neck, and I didn’t know how to retract them. I felt Cade release my flesh, “Relax, baby girl, they’ll disengage on their own.”

I tried to catch my breath, as I lay in his arms, thinking of what Starling had said to me the day before. I think I understand what she meant now about being with your mate. All I know is I’ve never felt this way after sex, but then again this wasn’t something as simple as sex.

* * *

Cade’s groan woke me. “Babe,” he murmured throwing his forearm over his eyes, “Sex with you is, un-fucking-believable.” He rolled to his side and propped his head on his hand, “I’ve never experienced it that way before. But, then again you are my,” and he stopped midsentence. His fingertips grazed along the tender bite marks, “Shit….”

“What,” the look that marred his handsome features crushed me. “You didn’t want to claim me?”

“Come on, you know that’s not what I meant,” he scolded.

“Shit, that couldn’t be further from the truth.” He gently cradled my cheek, “I wanted to talk to you about it first. I wanted to explain the mating process and the blood-bond, but I took that from you.” His lips brushed against mine. “I wanted to wait until you were ready, Mya. The thought of being with anyone other than you repulse me, but I didn’t want to force my needs upon you.”

“That’s what you’re worried about,” I muttered as I straddled his hips, capturing his lips with mine. “Our situation is unique, and I’m still not sure how or why I feel so strongly toward you, but I’m willing to give it a go, okay.”

He chuckled under his breath and rolled us over, “That’s an offer I can’t refuse, Mya.” Cade smiled and kissed me again. As foreign as it all sounded, at that moment all I could taste, smell, and want was with him, my mate.

‘Now we are one, Mya….my mate, my soul, my forever.’

* * *

I was surprised to see Denver and Starling already here. Zander and Dane were also waiting on us, along with Drake, Morgan, Seth, and Candy.

“Hey guys, Alpha Zander and Dane, are going to be taking care of business while we’re gone. Any issues, you go to them, but if you need me, my phone will be on at all times.” He turned to his brother, “Dane, I’ll check in with you every night. Get the word out that the barbecue will happen after Milo is home. Any concerns?”

“I guess we’ll be having a Bonding Ceremony when you two get home,” Zander smiled. “Mya, you look radiant.” I grinned

Cade laced his fingers with mine and scowled from my inner-conflict; ‘everything is fine, Mya. We were meant to be together.’ He raised my hand and tenderly kissed my knuckles.

The hoots and hollers caught me off guard, as the sound ripped through the room. I felt the heat rising to my cheeks; everyone was happy because Cade got a little something, something. ‘That’s not what anyone thinks!’ His menacing growl boomed through my head, and I glanced up at him. ‘Stop overthinking everything.’

“Hell, this is a lot sooner than I expected,” Starling eyed the marks on my neck. “Wow, you work fast, I’m impressed,” she snickered.

“Is that so, Starling,” I remarked.

“Yeah, I figured you’d play with Cade for a bit, you know, make him work for it before you let him pop that Wolfie Cherry.” Then she and Denver burst into a fit of laughter, I was pissed, not only with her but Denver too. If I had listened correctly to the shifter rules Cade had explained to me, then I was their direct superior.

I took matters into my own hands and punched her in the face. She landed on her ass with a resounding thud. “Now that, that right there is funny as hell,” I snorted and walked away from her.

I sensed her anger as she got up in my personal space, “You fucking bitch,” Starling yelled. “Who the fuck do you think you are,” she demanded. Cade stepped between us and pushed her away from me, half dragging and half pulling. “I have a right to defend myself, Alpha. Mya is out of order!”

“No,” Cade seethed, “You are out of order, Starling.” He held her at bay by the shoulders, “Mya is my mate, and that’s not going to change, her place is beside me.” He let her go but made damn sure she recognized me as his Alpha mate, “Now, you can grasp that fact and accept it, or I will make changes. You are my Beta, Starling, I trust you with my life, and now, I need to be able to trust you with Mya’s.”

“Yes, absolutely, Alpha, I will protect your mate with my life.” Her little act did not fool me; I would never be able to trust that bitch.