Claimed (Wolf Essence Book 1)


Karma showed us to our cabin, which is deceiving from the outside. It looked small but was quite large and had a warm, homey feel. Once settled, we met down in the kitchen to discuss the meeting with Devon.

“This is crazy, even for Milo. Why would he purposely get involved with a vamp?” Cade lowered his head and sighed.

“Are you serious, Cade? Shit, he never cares where he’s getting it, just as long as he is getting it,” Denver expressed.

“Right now, you’re crossing a line, Denver. I love my brother. If it comes down to fighting to the death for him, I will,” Cade decreed, his jaw tightening as the tension rose.

Willow gave Denver a sour look, which made him stop talking. “Cade, we all feel that way. Luke and I are here to find him too and to make sure his little wolf ass gets home.”

Cade leaned his elbows on the counter and braced his head in his hands. His concern was clouding my mind, giving me a headache. “I should call home,” he muttered lifting his head. “It’s not the news I wanted to give, though I honestly thought this was one big misunderstanding and we would be on our way home by now,” he claimed as he pulled out his cell.

“You know what I think,” Starling asked. “We should all take some time and decompress. Whatever that is, is up to each person, a nap, warm shower, fucking,” She smirked in Denver’s direction. He smiled, “I love your dirty, little mind.”

“I could use a run, what do you say, Mya?” Cade asked me, “I need to blow off some steam.”

“I like that idea, come on Alpha,” I grabbed Cade’s hand, pulling him toward the front door. We walked across the manicured lawn to a dense tree line; we found the perfect spot and shed our clothes. I stared at Cade’s shaft, jutting out, making my mouth water.

“You like what you see, babe?” He smirked, “You can have it, right here.” The thought of going down on him in the open, where anyone could find us was enticing. I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled to where Cade was standing. I grabbed the base of his thick cock and met his gaze, drawing the crown into my mouth then licking down his length.

I released the head of his cock with a pop, his half-mast eyes, and his lips parted looking sexy and hot as fuck, made heat flood my core. “Mya don’t stop,” and Cade groaned when I swiped my tongue across the top, dipping to take the bead of fluid waiting for me.

“I’m telling you, Mya, you’re messing with the wrong person,” he gritted out as his resolve blew into a million pieces. I felt the sharp pull as Cade’s fingers dove into my hair, forcing his cock deep into the warmth of my mouth. I moaned around him as he fucked my mouth, trying to breathe through my mouth.

I pushed against his thighs, not realizing my strength as he fell backward, “You’re being a dick, Cade!” I growled, getting in his face, and slapping his cheek. But, when he moaned I was startled; fuck me all to hell, Cade was getting off from me hitting him.

By this time, my pussy was dripping, and from the storm, brewing in Cade’s piercing blues, I was in for the fuck of my life. “You get back here,” he grunted, “Finish what you started,” I smirked, which was the wrong thing to do because Cade lunged for me, shifting in a blink of an eye while I ducked out of the way.

“You want to play rough,” I hissed, watching his wolf pace back and forth. “You’re going to have to catch me first,” and I took off, I wished I was in my wolf form too, so I could run faster, and before I knew it, I was shifting mid-stride, hitting the ground as I tore through the underbrush. The howl from behind me only made me run faster, leaping over downed trees and listened for the sound of him running my way.

As I ran through the woods at lightning speed, I was amazed at my agility. I had never felt so free, so alive and so powerful, but finally, I was at peace with my world.

That sentiment lasted all of thirty seconds when I saw a flash of dark fur barrel toward me and knock me off my feet. Cade shifted and straddled my hips, as my form was back to my human side. “What the fuck, Mya,” he muttered, “We are both Alphas, but unfortunately for you, I’m stronger.”

I smirked and bucked up against him. “You might be stronger, Alpha, but I own the pussy.” He jammed his cock over my belly and damn was I horny. “So, tell me,” I winked at him, “Are you going to fuck me or just glare at me?”

“You damn fucking right I’m going to fuck you,” and flipped me over, pulling my hips up. “This pussy belongs to me,” Cade snarled and plunged into me. “You got that, Mya,” as he began to hammer into my core with long, hard stroked. Pulling all the way out and slamming back in, knocked the breath out of me, forcing his rhythm to speed up.

“Oh, God,” I screamed, close to coming.


When Mya took off running and left me holding my dick, I was pissed. She challenged me, no other female would have done that, that’s what made her perfect. One thing I didn’t count on was that she would get into the flow of her power and mindset of what an Alpha is, so soon.

No matter, I had her right where I wanted her, on her knees with her ass in the air. She was so goddamned tight; I swear her pussy was sucking my balls straight through my cock. Just being inside her was sheer bliss, heaven, and all that other crap.

Fuck, I had loved her my entire life, and now my life was nearly complete. My girl was screaming my name, her wetness coating my shaft and setting us both on our way. “That’s it, baby girl.” I slapped her ass. She was a loose cannon when we fucked, and I felt her temper flare from my little love tap.

Mya turned to look at me and with one kick; I was on my back about five feet from her. Of course, she pounced on me, which I welcomed. She dipped her fingers into her sweet nectar, bringing them back up to my mouth.

She brushed my lower lip with her juices. “Do you want more, Cade?” she asked, and I nodded. “I suggest that you don’t slap my ass,” she lowered her head and licked my lips. “Mmm, I taste good, I’d hate to deprive you,” Mya smirked, grabbed the base of my shaft, and enveloped my cock with her pussy.

“Fuck, yeah,” I groaned. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls pull up as Mya’s muscles clamped down on me.


Cade pulled me down and bit into my left breast, color burst behind my eyes. I writhed on top of him until he held me still spilling inside of me. His fingers skim over my rear entrance.

I rose up and licked his fingers. “I love your taste,” he confessed, “and I love you.”

My mouth fell open, “Did you just say that,”

“That I love you,” Cade whispered as he sat up, brushing his lips against mine. “Does that bother you?” he asked, his breath sending shivers over my bare skin.

How was I going to answer that? I could count on one hand how many times I heard those words in my entire life. Sirens went off in my head. ‘Don’t freak out, Mya,’ I heard Cade’s deep timber in my head. ‘Love is not a bad word, baby girl.’

He wrapped my legs around his waist and stood up, rolling his hips, pressing his cock against my stomach. He leaned me back on a tree trunk, naked and at his mercy, “Did you know that a shifter can fuck for a long time before we’re worn out?”

“No,” I answered, my voice shaky when his cock slid up through my lower lips. I let out a strangled yelp and fastened my hands onto his shoulders.

“Mm-hmm,” he hummed. “You are so fucking close to your first heat, Mya, that scent is making my wolf god damn hungry.” Cade licked up my neck and pulled my hands down, locking them above my head.

“Fuck me,” he moaned and flicked his tongue over his lips. “I’m going to show you,” he muttered in a gruff voice, “What it feels like to be owned by an Alpha.”

“Oh yeah,” he grunted with a punishing force. One hand holding my wrists, the other holding my ass as our bodies slapped together. The sound echoing through the forest and everything fell silent with exception to us.

“Oh, God, Cade, let go of my, my…” and I lost my train of thought when he gyrated his hips.

“You like that, baby girl,” he asked, his hot breath caressing my ear as he nuzzled my neck. My lips parted with a silent cry, as Cade fucked me into another realm. Both of his hands were on my hips as I reached between my legs to rub my clit.

“Jesus, fuck,” he snarled and jerked my head back. “That’s it baby, let go, cream all over my cock.” Sensations were shooting through my body; tingling, shivers and then Nirvana.

Cade had locked his teeth into my skin as he pummeled inside me. My gums itched as my incisors dropped, and I thrust the sharp edge into his vein. I tumbled into another orgasm as the cutting bark from the tree bit into my back, which only added to my pleasure.

We lay together on the earth floor; breathing heavy. I looked up to the sunlight fanning out through the trees. It was surreal, how did I end up here in the arms of this perfect man, feeling so whole and complete? I had to stop questioning all of this and just live.

I perched my chin on his chest as I played with the trail of hair on his abdomen. “So, is this standard Cade James treatment for all those that have come before me?”

He chuckled, “What would make you ask something like that?”

“You give so much, ya know, as a lover,” I murmured, biting my lower lip.

He cocked his eyebrow and propped his arm under his head. “Is there a question that you want to ask me,” he smirked. “You’re not asking me how many women I’ve been with, are you?” Cade rolled onto his side and leaned on his palm, “How many men have you been with,” but then he shook his head. “Shit, I don’t want to know that,” and kissed the top of my head. “Honestly, Mya, what I did before you isn’t important to me.”

“Well, I’m sure my numbers are lower than yours, Alpha.” I winked, “But now I get what Starling was saying to me, and she was right.”

“Was she? What did she say to you?” he inquired. “Cause, hell, she’s been a real hard-ass with you.”

“Oh, is that how it looks to you, cowboy? Well, let me tell you, there’s a new bad-ass in town and she looks a lot like me,” I chuckled. “Besides, I can handle her. She talks big, but she’s no match for me.” I gazed up at Cade’s handsome face, “She is the one who told me, I would never be satisfied by a human male.” I reached up and dragged my thumb across Cade’s lower lip, “Now, I know Starling was right. Nothing compares to a True Mate.

“What exactly are you trying to say to me?” He smiled, looking rather amused as he fanned himself with his hand. All humor was gone, as Cade rolled on top of me. “I’m already in deep with you, Mya. I’ve loved you forever and waited for you longer than that.” He pressed his lips to mine, his sweet words swirling in my head.

I shivered and was close to losing my cool, so I had to change the subject, or I would be crying in no time. “Uh, Cade, in case you didn’t already know, I’m a huge slut for your hot, shifter ass,” I snickered smacking his rear making him burst out laughing.

We shifted and headed back to where we left our clothes; dressing in silence, and headed back to the cabin, hand in hand.

* * *

We had not even hit the doorstep when the door flung open. “Cade, we’ve got a problem,” Denver yelled.

Cade and I dashed into the cottage and Ivana, Devon’s mate, as well as some members of his pack, were waiting, “What the fuck, is going on here?” Cade demanded, “Denver, spill now.”

Denver was leaning against the kitchen island with his arms crossed over his chest. He shook his head, “We knew there was some heavy shit going down around here.” He pushed off the counter, Denver’s legs set apart and stated, “Devon and Dom went after the fucking vamps.” Cade winced, as Denver continued, “It was a damn fool thing to do and reckless, at that. What were they thinking?”

“Devon got a call,” Karma glared at Denver. “I’m not sure who he was,” she stated and turned to Cade. “Whoever it was he was talking about the child and your brother. He stressed that they were both, in grave danger.”

“That doesn’t explain why Devon would leave without backup and not informing us,” Cade declared.

“He did mention his friend, who is a vampire. They’ve known each other for years,” Karma replied.

“We’re going to have to go after them. Does anyone know where this vamp lives?”

“I don’t know where they were meeting, but I know his name, it’s Vlad,” Ivana clarified. “Toronto has seen a heavy infestation of vampires in the past few years. Devon asked Vlad for help.”

“So, you’re not sure where he lives?” Cade asked her. “Ivana, out of respect, I’m going to ask you to let me take over as acting Alpha. For the time being, I think it would be best for all involved.”

She didn’t hesitate, “Yes, of course, Cade. I need your help to bring my mate home, safely.” Ivana’s eyes were glassy as she spoke, “I can’t sense him, and I’m scared that something has happened.”

Cade took her hands. “We’ll find him,” he told her just before he barked out orders, s creating a plan of action.