Hudson (Thoroughly Educated Book 1)

Chapter Ten

Reagan had cleared off his desk and was laid out on top of it. Her knees were bent, her legs parted, her back arched, and she was completely naked. His breath came in harsh pants and his cock stirred thickly in his jeans as she moved her fingers ever quicker over her pussy. It didn't take more than a heartbeat for him to cross the room and stop by her head. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open and her jaw slack. The little sounds she was making sent his body into overdrive. He didn't dare touch her, though he was positive she knew he was there. He watched as her free hand roamed over her own body, pinching her pink nipple and smoothing over her stomach and moving back up again. When she blindly grabbed for the tie hanging from his neck, he planted his palms on the desk on either side of her head and kissed her. Their mouths met, breaths shared and cries swallowed as Reagan writhed on his desk. He didn't want to close his eyes and miss that sight, so he looked past her chin at her fingers flexing and her toes curling.

When she stopped kissing him, she still had his tie in her hand. Her eyes opened lazily and she pulled her hand away from her pussy, bringing it higher and higher. Hudson’s cock was full and hard, straining against his fly as he silently begged her to put her fingers in her mouth. He should have known she would push him farther than he hoped. That arm moved higher and she held her glistening fingers to his lips. He groaned, unable to resist, and sucked them into his mouth. Her taste exploded on his tongue, mellow and warm, eliciting the memory of when he went down on her at the hotel.

“Do I taste like a bad girl?” she asked in her throaty voice as she looked up at him from under her lashes.

“Fuck, Reagan.”

He grabbed her jaw and applied enough pressure to have her opening her mouth. Though he’d practically licked her fingers clean, he brought them to her open mouth and stroked them over her tongue. She obliged by swirling her tongue over her forefinger, and they both moaned.

She stared up at him, her dark eyes on fire and her legs moving restlessly. “I can’t get you out of my head.”

“I-I can’t—”

“You can.”

She pulled at his waistband, pushing at his blazer and unbuttoning his pants before he could even try to stop her. “Reagan, don't.”

“Don't give me that. Even if it’s just sex you want, I don't care anymore.”

She got his jeans unzipped and her hands down them, twisting her torso to see what she was doing. Her breasts were pressed together, giving her even more ample cleavage than she was normally blessed with. He allowed her to go fishing, pulling his cock free and stroking it. He wasn't a stupid man; he knew this was a bad idea, but there was no force on earth that was going to stop him at that point. He pulled his blazer off and threw it on the floor, pulling his shirt free from his waistband and pushing the tails out of the way. When she’d stroked him a few times he looked down at her head and knew what he was going to do. He placed one hand on either side of her head and maneuvered her back so that she was looking up at him. With a gentle pull, her head was tilted off the edge of the desk.

“Yes, Hudson.” She moaned when he took his cock in hand and ran the tip over her plump lower lip.

He clenched his eyes closed as her tongue darted out and flicked at his skin, but there was no way he was going to miss seeing what she was about to do. Moving slowly, he shifted her head again until she was at a better angle and pushed his cock slowly past her lips. She laved him with her tongue, and he retreated briefly to give her time to adjust. He pressed forward again, watching her eyes for signs of discomfort. He wanted to thrust into her, to force her to take him fully and only retreat when she gagged, but it was too soon. He had no idea how experienced she was with this, but he hoped to fuck he was the first man whose cock she had ever swallowed—or was about to. When she hummed he nearly lost it, and when her hands went above her head to cup his balls, he had to think of anything at all other than what she was doing to keep from blowing his load too soon. She was perfect for him in every way, and it had never been more evident than when she didn't even complain at his forward movements. He pressed himself closer, feeling the back of her throat with the head of his cock. He retreated again and she took a deep breath, pulling gently on his balls to get him to come forward.

Reagan would never have guessed three months ago that she would be naked in a relatively public area, locked inside her professor's office doing the exact forbidden things she had told herself she would avoid for the rest of the year. She never would have thought that she would be with a man, much less that he would fuck her mouth and that she would enjoy it. As he slid down the back of her throat, she reflexively swallowed and he gasped. Her eyes watered a little but she looked up at him the best she could from her position. He was obviously enjoying himself, but she could tell he wouldn't let go because he was afraid of hurting her. So she took the base of his cock in her hand and pulled and pushed, trying to convey the pace she wanted him to set. Other than the back of her neck being at an odd angle, she wasn't uncomfortable, and she was starting to feel turned on again as he moved at a faster pace, his face going slack above her. His mouth dropped open and he moaned loudly, reaching forward and grabbing her tits as he pumped in and out of her mouth. She breathed through her nose, holding his balls away from her face so she wouldn’t suffocate, and finally hoping he would be done soon. It was fun for a minute, and then it wasn't, but she was determined to ride it out, so that was exactly what she did.

When she found his perineum and stroked it with her fingers his hips faltered. She took a deep breath just before he plunged deeper, going all the way down her throat and making her gag just before he pulled out. She was shocked to feel his hot cum all over her breasts and hear his grunts as it just kept streaming out of him. She stayed still, catching her breath and marveling over what he’d just done to her. She was still on the fence over whether or not she enjoyed it, but he clearly did.

Feeling bold, she lifted her head and swiped her finger through the white goop on her left nipple. She brought the tip of her finger to her mouth and tasted him. It was not what she was expecting, and she frowned. Bitter and strong were the only words that came to her mind. She looked up and found him staring down at her, his cock at half mast.

“You surpass all of my fantasies.”

She grinned. That was her goal. “Um, I need . . .”

He moved finally, going to his gym bag in the corner of the office and pulling out a towel. “This is the best I’ve got. Sorry about . . .”

“No, it was my idea.”

She was surprised when he began to wipe her skin clean. He cradled the back of her neck in one hand and massaged it with his long fingers while he scrubbed lightly at her boobs with the towel. When he deemed her clean enough, he used the hand on the back of her neck to pull her to a sitting position. He noted all of his usual desk items on the floor next to his chair and wondered how long she’d been in there and who exactly had let her in.

Reagan pulled on his tie to get his attention. She wasn't done with him, yet, and since his cock was still bouncing outside of his pants, she hoped he could give her what she wanted. She moved forward until only her ass was on the desk and shifted her legs to wrap them around his waist. His cock was trapped between them and she shifted her hips until the wetness that leaked from her pussy coated his length. He watched her, his gaze fixed on her mouth as she moved more and more. Her breathing changed, becoming shallow and sparse as she turned herself on. Finally, he stopped staring at her and pushed her legs widely apart, keeping his hands on her knees.

“Lean back and brace yourself,” he ordered, looking down at her pussy and growing even harder. He’d longed to be inside her again and he was about to get the chance. He would have expected to be sated after what she’d let him do, but then he realized he would never get enough of her body.

When she did as she was told he pressed into her body, not slow and gentle, but swift and hard. She gasped and bit her lip to keep from crying out. Every time, it was like being filled to the brim. It was so satisfying to be stretched by him, to feel connected to him. He pulled out and slammed in once more, and she couldn't keep in the sharp sound of pleasure he caused. Over and over he pounded into her pussy, feeling the welcome warmth and wetness sucking him back in until the tingling sensation returned in his balls.

“Reagan,” he grunted. “Touch yourself. I won't last much longer.”

One hand went to her clit and she moaned as she attempted to brace herself at the right angle on the desk and stimulate herself at the same time. Frustrated at the lack of the usual feelings he evoked in her, she growled and shifted her hips. Realizing her conundrum, Hudson slowed his movements, stroking slowly and purposely, pushing her shoulder until she was flat on the desk again. He pulled her legs until they were draped over the bend of his elbows and gave her a few moments of gentle stroking. Her fingers went back to her clit, her head thrashing back and forth as the new angle gave her what she’d been missing before. She wanted to scream his name as her legs trembled and the ache rose up over her torso. The orgasm crushed her under its weight and she clamped her other hand over her mouth to stifle her screams.

Hudson couldn't hold off after watching her come; he didn't have it in him. He emptied everything he had left inside her, feeling sweat beading on his brow and his muscles weakening. He breathed heavily, barely relaxing with her legs still on his arms. It wasn't until she sat up and he slipped out of her body that he realized what he’d done.

She watched his face redden and hurried to reassure him. “I’m covered. Assuming you aren't doing this with other women and that you're clean, we’re good. I guess I should have mentioned that part sooner, but you make me crazy.”

He pondered that silently. She didn't need him to use condoms anymore. He’d been inside her, skin on skin, and the difference had been mind-blowing. He grabbed her head and pulled her to meet him, crushing his mouth to hers in a bruising kiss.

He panted against her lips as he pulled away. “This is stupid and dangerous and reckless.”


“I'm going to regret this.”

“I hope not.”

“I'm going to need to spend a night with you again soon, but nobody can know.”

“I can't. I have RA checks.”

He dropped his forehead to hers. She had RA checks because she was a fucking freshman. “Jesus. All day then. When?”


“This Saturday.”

“Tell me where and I’ll be there.”

“You'd better prepare yourself. I’ve held back until now, but no longer.”

She whimpered.