In It For My Wife (Rekindled Hearts Book 1)

Chapter 1


The phone rang again for the second time during family dinner, and John had only been home for five minutes. It was Meredith, John’s supervisor at Carlisle.

He barely got a word out before she started in. “I just got off the phone with the CEO himself, and we need to bump up the roll-out of the Giftr expansion. He wants it in a week.”

Heather, clearly annoyed at this second disturbance during dinner, was not even bothering to keep their three young daughters quiet while Daddy was on the phone with work. John couldn’t exactly blame her for that.

John put Meredith on speaker as he looked at his calendar. “We’re already set for launch in two weeks.”

“I know that,” Meredith replied, “But they tell me if we’re going to sign the biggest retailer in the nation to start advertising its Christmas gifts in time for Halloween, we need it faster.”

John muttered that he’ll get it done, while feeling Heather’s glare from across the table. He hung up quickly and was drawn back into the present with his exasperated wife and three beautiful children that had obviously sapped her of every last ounce of patience for the day.

John looked across the table at Heather, and secretly wished they could, for a moment, go back to the time when they would spend entire days and nights working side by side in the garage, keying in computer codes until their eyes were seeing double.

But in the years since Carlisle had purchased Giftr from John and Heather, the huge corporation realized that they needed one of them to run it for them. John had not been ready to leave the app behind, so he agreed to go to work in the IT department with special oversight for Giftr, while Heather decided to stay home and raise their family.

The Giftr app was the first thing John thought about for the last several years, and now it had taken over his life. He was currently working on an update that would enable users to interact with other users.

He had the brain of a computer geek, able to write codes to solve any computer related issue, but he could not seem to understand why he and Heather were not connecting. After twenty years of marriage and three amazing little girls, things had changed. He had promised her that nothing would change once they hit it rich. But he was wrong.

Their marriage had indeed changed, and so had their sex life.

That’s not to say he wasn’t attracted to his wife anymore. He still very much was, and always had been. Heather’s petite little body fit perfectly tucked in next to John’s tall, built frame. Her soft skin is the most delicious thing he’d ever touched or tasted. Just thinking about her skin next to his gave him a hard-on. Even after all this time, there was nothing in the world like watching Heather — her sweet, voluptuous tits bouncing in rhythm while her dark brunette curls framed her green cat-like eyes — ride his dick until they were both falling off the cliff of ecstasy.

But of late, things seemed off. Heather was either always at some social engagement, avoiding John, or he was at work avoiding her.

They had agreed to see a marriage counselor, Emily, who seemed to take Heather’s side in most of their disagreements. John felt as if he was getting a pretty shitty end of the deal in that effort. However, Emily had recently come up with an idea that had piqued John’s interest.

Later, John went for a run with his best friend, Matthew, who was chattering on about his new boat while John was ruminating on that night’s upcoming marriage counseling appointment.

“John! Earth to John,” said Matthew. “Dude, are you in there?”

Shaking his head, John replied, “Huh? Umm, yeah. Sorry, man. I must have zoned out.”

Matthew and John had been best friends since Kindergarten, and he was the first person Heather and John ever told about our company. Over the years, Matthew had been a great sounding board about work and about his rocky marriage.

“Are you still dreading tonight?” he asked.

Last week at counseling, Emily suggested that Heather and John role play to get into the mood. For once, John had agreed. Normally, John tuned the woman out, but this was something he thought he could get into.

“Not anymore, man,” John said. “I think I’ve got the perfect game to play. I'm just hoping Heather is up for the challenge!”

As he cleaned himself up after the run, he remembered how back in the day, he and Heather used to bang like animals on the regular. Tonight, he was hoping to get back to the way things were.