Long Ride: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Black Sparks MC) (Whiskey Bad Boys Book 1)

Long Ride: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Black Sparks MC) (Whiskey Bad Boys Book 1)

By Kathryn Thomas



Once you go biker, you never go back.


I thought I’d moved on.

But even though I let go of the bad boy, he never let go of me.

Nicholas Stone will either drag me to his bed and take me to heaven…

Or drag me to hell and watch me burn.




I left home to chase a dream.

Instead, I stumbled into a nightmare.


My police officer ex has gone insane since our break-up.

He’s everywhere I look.

Lurking in my shadows.

Haunting me.


I flee, back to the only place I’ve ever felt safe.

But the devil waiting for me in my hometown isn’t much better.


In the eight years I’ve been gone, Nicholas Stone has become so much more.


More powerful.

More tatted.

More irresistible.


But just when I start to think that, if I let my guard down, I can be safe in his arms…

A gift arrives from a not-so-secret admirer.


My ex has discovered where I went.

He sees who I’m with.


And I know that my troubles are far from over.

In fact, they’re just beginning.




I’ve never forgotten the girl who broke my heart.

But I’ve filled the hole she left with nothing but pure f**king savagery.


The biker life suited me.

It lets me get my hands dirty.

There’s no feeling quite like the wind in your face, an open stretch of highway, and your enemies’ cries for mercy still ringing in your ears.


But Liana’s return threatens to undo the man I’ve become.


I need to know why she’s back after all these years.

There must be something she’s hiding.

And yet, she refuses to admit it.


Until the ugly truth comes roaring back with a vengeance and a death wish.


But there’s something different this time around.

Liana is mine.

And if her ex thinks he can come anywhere near her again, I’ll have to teach him the hard way:


Never, ever mess with a biker.