Panther Prized (Shifter Heat Book 3)



“I need you out of these clothes,” he groans.

Without waiting for a response, he lifts up my tee and pulls it over my head, tossing it to the side.

“Nice,” he says, eyeing my breasts with desire. 

Goosebumps run across the top of the flesh that peeks out from my bra. I guess there are some women who would find it rude for a man to comment on her body parts and eye them like he can’t wait to feast on them, but it is turning me on. I like that he likes what he sees.

“I want to suck them, they look so luscious…do you mind?”

I shake my head. Do I mind? No way in hell.

“Mmm.” His hot, raspy tongue licks down the side of my throat and he makes his way to the top of my breasts.  “Delicious. You are so delicious Allie—my beautiful Allie.”

There’s that ‘my Allie’ thing again—like I’m his! But for some reason, it doesn’t bother me so much now. In fact, I kind of like it. With a quick flick of his wrist, he has my bra unsnapped and he tugs it off my shoulders. My breasts spill out in front of him. I arch my back a little, leaning back on the counter behind me so that my tits are jutting into his face as much as possible. I want him to lick the shit out of them.

“Fuck, babe, your tits are gorgeous.”

He zooms in on my nipples, licking, biting and sucking.

“God, girl, you make my dick so fucking hard,” he moans between mouthfuls.

“Oh yeah…let me see it.” I’ve only seen a shifter’s cock once. Not in real life, but while I was surfing the net looking for something totally unrelated. It was huge, and despite reading somewhere that shifters had big dicks, it had been so big I was pretty sure it had to have been photo-shopped.

I am really curious if Duke’s junk is anything like the guy I had seen on the net, and I can’t wait any longer to find out. Duke keeps sucking on my titties but I gently push him away. “Show me just how hard you are, Duke.”

He gives one last firm suck to my tit, stretching it out like a rubber band, then releases it. Stepping back, he pulls off his tee, discarding it.

My eyes roam the luscious, dark ink tattooed on his arms and part of his chest. He has a rose, a cross, a snake…a lot of images burned into his body. I want to lick the outline of every one of them and then some. He unzips his jeans.

“Ok, baby, your wish is my command.”

My eyes widen as he drops his pants to the floor. He’s commando underneath. And God—his dick is ginormous. The guy I had seen on the net was really big, but Duke’s dick is super-sized—just massive. The man has a monster cock, like something I’d imagine you’d only see in an adult toy store.

“Whew,” I let out a deep breath.

He grins. “You think you can handle this, babe?” He rubs the length of his shaft slowly up and down.

I’m not so sure. But I’d found over the past few weeks that putting a cocky Duke in his place kept him from getting too brash and bossy. And right now, he was acting pretty arrogant.

“I think I may be able to handle it. I’m not dickmatized if that’s what you’re asking.” I say the words as coolly as possible, but inside I’m shaking. I’m not exactly a virgin, but having that gigantic tool inside me? Yowsa!

“Well, that’s good to know,” he laughs.

I reach my hand out to fist it. It’s girthy and heavy. I want to feel that weight in my mouth. I grab two oven mitts, sitting on the countertop next to the trays of doughnuts, with my free hand, and drop them on the cold, hard kitchen floor. Then I slither down the length of his body to the floor, positioning the mitts under my knees for padding.

Pulling his dick towards me, I can barely get my lips wrapped around the top part of it. There’s no way will I be able to take it fully in my mouth, but I love licking up the length of it, around it, and savoring pre-cum from his mushroom cap.

“Fuck Allie, you lick me so damn good.”

I glance up at him; his eyes are closed. Then, he leans back against the countertop. Somehow, one of his elbows swipes the edge of one of the doughnut trays.

“Duke! The doughnuts!”

But it’s too late. The tray comes crashing down near us, with some of the jumbo sized, chocolate frosted doughnuts landing back on top of the now upside down tray, but most hitting the floor.

“Shit! Allie, I’m so sorry.”

I glance over at my morning’s work. Ugh, what a mess…but I’d rather focus on the matter at hand. “It doesn’t matter. I still have another tray. Plus, I can make more. I love to bake, you know.”

“I know, but damn…all that work.”

He starts to bend down to pick them up, but I warn him not to, shaking my head. “Don’t. We’ll clean it up later.” Suddenly, a delicious idea pops into my head. “It would be such a shame to put all these doughnuts to waste, don’t you think?”

He eyes me curiously as I pick up one of the doughnuts that had landed on the tray.

“These certainly look yummy, but I have an idea that will make them even tastier.” Not taking my eyes off of him, I place the doughnut on the tip of his cock. Thank God they are jumbo sized. His cock is much wider than the hole. I push it so the very top part of his dick slides through. The doughnut rips, but the thought is still there. Duke’s delicious dick is encased in a velvety chocolate, sprinkled doughnut.


“Aren’t you happy I made big doughnuts with big holes?” I ask, grinning.

“You’re eating a doughnut off my cock?” he asks, surprise peppering his voice. “You can’t do that?”

“Oh, yes I can.” Then, I put my mouth on the tasty treat and start to eat around it. Crumbs fall onto his balls and I cup his ball sack tightly, lapping the morsels up. The doughnut is so tasty, but I can’t wait to get to his cock in the middle. I want to gobble it up, but I am careful to bite the doughnut gently around it. Most of the pastry has broken off, so I hold onto it with my hand. I nibble at the tasty treat, savoring every morsel, and then I come to the best part—his thick, cream filled dick in the middle.

“God damn Allie…fuck…” he groans as his cock grows stiffer with each lick and nibble.

Mmm, so good. I had always thought powdered doughnuts were my favorite, but there was no comparison to Duke’s dick doughnut—so yummy!