'Tis the Season


Three Years Later




I was tightening a bolt when I heard a thud come from above me.

“What the fuck!” I rolled the board I was on out from under the car, but instead of work boots coming into my vision, the first thing I saw when I hit the daylight was a pair of bright cherry red stilettos and it was in that very second I knew I was fucked all over again.

“Zeke.” Daisy’s voice echoed in the garage. I sat the wrench in my hand down and immediately brought myself to my feet and looked around to see a now empty garage. My men knew better than to stay around when a woman was in the garage, because it normally ended in my throwing them out.

Most women around this town didn’t understand when I said no to them, but it came out of my mouth a lot. My heart was crushed years ago. It still longed for only one person, and now she was standing in front of me.

“Daisy.” I said her name with distaste, not because I wanted to, but because I wanted her to know she’d hurt me. I wanted her, if even momentarily, to feel what I had been feeling. She flinched, but then smoothed her hands down her tight black dress that hugged her generous curves. Fuck, she had filled out even more since she had been gone and it had my cock hardening instantly. She pulled her shoulders back and stood a little taller, the heels only giving her a few more inches above her five-foot height.

The princess was at her finest, all grown up, and most definitely looking like she could use a good fuck over the hood of the car we stood next to.

But that wouldn’t be happening until she was begging for it.

“I don’t like when you call me that.”

“Then what else would you like me to call you?”

“Star.” She said my old nickname for her and the fire in me grew. Fuck no, I was not calling her that.

She left in the middle of the night and I never heard from her again. She changed her phone number, blocked me on all social media platforms. She dropped so far off the radar, not even my private investigator could find anything on her. I gave up after the first year and poured my heart into my work, making something for myself, rather than trying to live off of my parents’ name and money. Something I had never considered doing in my life.

“Sorry, Daisy. You don’t get the pleasure of hearing that name.”


Her voice was soft and she tried to take a step forward, but I placed a hand on her arm, stopping her in her tracks. I pulled away quickly because the sparks that had been there so long ago came back to life, but now was not the damn time.

“What are you doing here, Daisy?”

“I came back for you.”

“The fuck you did. So tell me why you’re really here.”

I crossed my arms over my chest and watched as water welled in her eyes. I so badly wanted to reach out to her, but I stopped myself. Not yet.

“I did, Zeke. I came back to see you. I’m so sorry.”

She went to turn around but instead of walking away gracefully, she caught her foot on the wrench I had placed down next to the car. A second after telling myself that I wasn’t going to touch her, she was there in my arms, just as she was about to plant her ass onto the cement ground.

My arms wrapped around her waist and my hand was resting on her hip.


I missed her curves like fucking crazy. My hand kneaded into her flesh and I swore I heard a soft moan escape her lips.

“You’re going to fucking kill yourself in those heels, Daisy.”

“I can walk in them just fine.” She licked her lips as her light blue eyes drew away from mine and made their way to my lips, where I was mimicking her lick. “Maybe you shouldn’t leave tools just lying around.”

“It is a garage, Daisy.”

“Stop calling me that.”

She swatted at my chest and I moved to pull away, but her hand gripped my shirt, keeping me just where I was, and fuck if I didn’t love it.

I looked into her eyes and saw the twinkle there, the need I had seen three years ago when I had taken her virginity and I knew what she was quietly saying to me. She hadn’t been pleasured since then. Her hips pushed closer to me and my grip tightened.

“Fuck it.”

I slammed my mouth against hers and took what was mine, because even after all this time and with so much anger in my heart, Daisy was fucking mine.