Boss Man: Boss #2



We checked in to our resort, a breathtaking place situated in the rock crevasse overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The sun had just gone down, and the soft colors of the sky were slowly fading away as night deepened. I’d been here several times, mostly for business, and it was a place embedded in my heart.

I had a private balcony that opened up to a patio with a couple of lounge chairs. A bottle of champagne was there to greet me, chilled in a bucket of ice. I asked for the nicest room they had, even if I didn’t need a two-bedroom suite.

As a businesswoman, I always had to protect my image.

I didn’t settle for less than the best. I reminded everyone around me exactly what I was worth. While an image had no physical form, it was a barrier most people were too intimidated to cross. It stopped insulting offers from grazing across my desk.

It made people take me seriously. Even though I was the wealthiest woman in the world, I was still trying to earn the respect of every man around me. I had to work twice as hard for their admiration. One false move, and I was ridiculed in a way a man never was.

Hunt never treated me that way—it was one of the things I loved about him. I never felt like second-best. He didn’t patronize me with knowledge he considered superior to my own. The only time he overstepped his boundary was when I was driving on that racetrack—and his concern wasn’t inappropriate.

A knock sounded on my door.

I was pulling out my laptop from my bag, so I called over my shoulder, “It’s open.” I set my laptop on the desk along with my folders, knowing I was going to be taking care of business in the middle of the night since it was daytime back in Manhattan.

The door opened and closed, and heavy footsteps sounded behind me.

Only Hunt would walk inside and not say a single word to me. “How do you like your room?” I asked.

He came up behind me, pressing his concrete chest to my back. He circled my waist with his arms and held me against him as he kissed my neck and breathed into my ear. His large hands were so big and masculine, covered with thick veins all the way up his forearms. He had the kind of strength that made me feel small—and no man ever made me feel small. He squeezed me harder as he kissed me.

Now all my thoughts seized—except the ones about him.

He yanked my dress up to my waist and pulled my panties to my knees. The sound of his belt coming undone and his slacks dropping filled my ears.

I couldn’t think straight because his power stole my focus. This man made me fall prey to my own carnal desires. All I could think about was his big dick inside me, that throbbing cock that did the most wonderful things to me. Hunt was exclusively mine, and he only had one purpose.

To please me.

He rubbed his dick in the crack between my cheeks, moving his arm across my chest to get a tighter grip on me. He wanted to fuck me hard. I could feel it in his tremors, in the excitement of his breaths.

I gripped his hips behind me and held on to his arm for balance. The more he wanted me, the more desirable I felt. He was one of the most handsome men I’d ever seen, with his dark eyes and matching exterior. My dreams were always full of him, the man who seduced me in a way no one else ever had. “Hunt…fuck me.” I couldn’t wait any longer. He brought me from zero to sixty in zero seconds.

“Yes, Boss Lady.” Just when he was about to point his cock inside me, my phone rang.

It was sitting on the desk, so we could see the name on the screen.


What the hell did he want? We were just on a plane together for eight hours.

Hunt saw it but obviously didn’t care. He gripped me tighter and placed his head inside me.

Just that bit of a stretching made me gasp. My nails dug into his forearms, and my nipples hardened against his arm.

A knock sounded on the door.

Hunt stopped moving, his breathing silenced.

God fucking dammit.

“It’s Brett,” he said. “Wanted to see if you wanted to get dinner.”

Hunt growled against my ear, all his hatred expressed in the single, guttural sound. His phone started to vibrate in his pocket when someone called him, and we both knew it was Brett.

Hunt stepped back and quickly pulled his clothes back on. He tucked in his shirt and controlled his breathing, trying to appear as calm as possible—not like a man who was just about to get laid.

I pulled up my panties and yanked my dress down. It only took two seconds to get ready, so I walked to the door and answered. “Hey.”

“Hey.” His phone was pressed to his ear as he continued to call Hunt. He hung up and stowed the phone in his pocket. “Wanted to see if you guys wanted to get dinner. I’ve looked for Hunt, but I’m not sure where he ran off to.”

He was about to run off deep inside me before we were interrupted. “We were just standing on the patio having a glass of champagne.” I opened the door wider, revealing Hunt in the background taking in the view. He had a glass of the golden liquid in his hand.

“It’s a beautiful place—and worth celebrating.” He welcomed himself inside and didn’t think twice about the fact that Hunt and I were alone together in my room.

Since the world thought I was dating Thorn, it usually stopped people from being suspicious of the other men I spent time with. “Where should we have dinner?” I closed the door behind him, and we all walked outside to the patio. The sky was darkening, the refracted rays of the sun long gone.

Hunt looked at me, his expression calm, like nothing had happened. But his eyes told a very different story. He wanted to strangle his brother to death—I could tell.

“There’s a good place here at the resort,” Brett said. “I thought we could have a nice meal then try to get some sleep before the shoot tomorrow.”

I’d already slept on the plane, so I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. I never adjusted to changing time zones, so I operated on my own schedule. Besides, I had a few phone calls to make. “Sounds good to me.”

Hunt downed the rest of his glass. “Let’s do it.”

We had a table on the terrace, under a stream of white lights. Couples sat at other tables, obviously on honeymoons. There were very few business partners together since this place was more for vacations rather than professional meetings.

Our plates were nearly wiped clean, and we’d gone through two bottles of wine. Hunt and I hadn’t started our arrangement too long ago, but it seemed to be working perfectly. He didn’t stare at me openly like he did when it was just the two of us. He appeared indifferent toward me, like he wasn’t attracted to me at all.

I appreciated it.

Brett turned to me, with the same deep brown eyes Hunt possessed. Brett was older, and he appeared a little more rugged than Hunt. They didn’t look like half-brothers, but full brothers. He retained the exact same confidence, along with a splash of arrogance. “Titan, will Thorn be joining us for the trip?”

Thorn was in Chicago, handling one of the headquarters for his thriving business. His family was the exclusive owners of the biggest tomato factory in the world. It’d been handed down for generations, landing in Thorn’s lap. But he took his fortune and invested it into other companies, bringing him to a new level of wealth that his family could never have dreamed of. I never saw him make a mistake. When he planned for his future endeavors, he saw it as a marathon—never a sprint. I learned a lot from him. Actually, I learned everything from him. If he hadn’t walked into that bar when I was nineteen years old, I wouldn’t be where I was now.

I owed him everything.

Hunt turned his gaze my way, watching my reaction to the question.

“No. He’s very busy in Chicago right now.”

Brett gave a slight nod. “He bought one of my cars about a year ago.”

“He told me,” I answered. “He took me for a drive a few times. That’s exactly why I bought one for myself.”

Brett smiled. “Awesome. Free publicity.”

Even now, I didn’t confirm or deny that Thorn and I were together. But when people made assumptions, I didn’t correct them. It was all part of our plan, our future. Hunt had asked me several questions about it, but since it was none of his business, I never gave an answer—and I wasn’t going to. “What about you, Brett? Have anyone special in your life?”

“I have many special women,” he answered. “But they all come and go.”

I didn’t expect anything less from a handsome man such as himself. He was wealthy, smart, and had amazing looks. He could play the field as long as he wanted. When he turned fifty, he could still land a woman half his age and start a family if he wanted to.

I didn’t have that kind of luxury.

I had a ticking time bomb on my uterus.

“What about you?” Brett turned to Hunt. “Any more threesomes?”

I knew Hunt was the kind of man who could get any woman he wanted—and as many of them as he wanted. The lust I felt between my legs was echoed by every other woman on the planet. But for now, I didn’t have to share him.

He was all mine.

Hunt took the question in stride. “I don’t think that’s appropriate conversation in front of a lady.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m not a lady—just a business associate. And as you two must know, women love sex too.” Some women would be turned off by Hunt’s promiscuity, even jealous. But I thought that kind of endurance was sexy, pleasing two women at once was an incredible feat.

But I already knew he was good at it—based on experience.

Brett smiled at me, the affection in his eyes. “I’ll drink to that.” He held up his glass.

I clinked mine against his before I took a drink.

Hunt watched me, his eyes hardening the way they did when we were alone together.

I purposely looked away, reminding him that we were just associates when we weren’t fucking—and friends.

“The crew will meet us just a drive down the road,” Brett said. “All the permits have been taken care of, but we have to get the footage as quickly as possible. The government is only allowing us to block traffic for one hour.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem,” Hunt said. “We can get it on the first take.”

“I don’t need to remind you how valuable these cars are,” Brett said. “But more importantly, you guys need to stay safe. I would hate to have one of you drive over the cliff and to the bottom of the ocean.”

“We’ll be fine.” I dismissed his concern immediately, knowing I could drive perfectly well.

When Hunt looked at me, he showed a hint of concern.

I ignored it, not needing a man to worry over my well-being.

When I got back to the room, I took care of a few emails and spoke to Jessica on the phone. She assured me everything was going well at the office, running so smoothly that people didn’t even realize I wasn’t there.

I expected Hunt to come by the room to pick up where he left off, but judging by the kind of businessman he was, he was doing the exact same thing I was doing.

When the thought of his naked body came to mind, I texted him. Come to my room. Now. I loved getting exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it. The tables would turn in a short time and I’d be the one to obey, but I tried not to think about it.

I just focused on now.

He knocked on my door minutes later, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Whether he was dressed in a suit or nothing at all, he looked incredible. His pants were low on his hips, and his t-shirt stretched across his powerful chest. The second the door was open, he walked inside, staying out of the hallway so he wouldn’t be seen by anyone.

I was already naked, not wanting to waste time with clothes.

His eyes went straight to my tits. “We should be careful, Titan. If my brother stops by my room and I’m not there…”

“Just tell him you met someone. Problem solved.” I walked out of the room and to the back patio. I had a private pool that faced the water, and since no one was around at this time of night, it seemed like the entire city belonged to me.

Hunt followed me outside, his shirt gone.

I stepped down the stairs that led into the water, feeling the cold against my skin. When the water was to my shoulders, I turned around and looked at him.

Still as a statue, he watched me glide in the water. His eyes followed me everywhere I went, and the slight waves reflected across his wide chest. His narrow waist was lined with abs, the sides of his torso a thick stretch of muscle. He was chiseled in ways I’d never seen on other men. He was lean and toned, but so ripped each muscle stood out. Whenever we shared a meal together, he always picked healthy options. It definitely paid off.

“Get in.”

Hunt had several different kinds of smiles, and they all meant very different things. Sometimes he smiled wide, his public persona for the cameras. Other times, he smiled slightly, like his body felt the urge to smile even if he didn’t want to. Then there was how he smiled at me now, unable to hold back his amusement.

He pulled his sweatpants and boxers off, revealing the enormous cock I was completely smitten with. Then he took the stairs into the water, drops splashing onto his chest and arms. Since he was much taller than me, his shoulders and chest stayed above the waterline when I was mostly submerged.

My body ached to finish what we started before dinner. He would have fucked me so good, right against my desk with his powerful grip around my chest. I loved being squeezed with those big hands, watching the veins in his forearms bulge with blood from the constriction of his strong muscles.

Diesel Hunt was the biggest weakness I’d ever known, the best sex I’d ever had. I’d been with incredible men who knew how to make me feel good, but none of them compared to this very talented man.

I loved his power.

His smile.

And I loved how he made me feel like a woman.

He grabbed my hips and guided me until I straddled him, my weight nonexistent because of the buoyancy of the water. I pretty much floated there as he directed me with his hands. He guided me into deeper water then pressed me against a wall, his powerful body and strong hands keeping me in place.

He ground his cock against my folds in the water, his nose rubbing against mine. The water was cold, but his skin was still searing hot. I could feel it when I touched him. My arms locked around his neck, and I kissed the corner of his mouth, slowing down our intensity.

His fingers kneaded my ass as he kissed me, squeezing both of my cheeks with his iron grip before releasing them. His mouth brushed against mine before he pulled back again, taking the opportunity to look at me, my hair floating in the water. “How do you want me to please you, Boss Lady?” His deep voice was sexy, like masculinity rubbing against sandpaper. His chin was covered in hair because he hadn’t had a chance to shave since we left New York, and he rubbed it against me every time he dragged his mouth against mine. He was one of the most recognizable men in the business world, one of the elite who graced the cover of magazines just for stepping outside his penthouse. He was a leader, not a follower. But he wanted to conquer me so much that he was willing to let himself be conquered first.

I’d never witnessed anything sexier.

I had this man under my thumb. He was my toy, my plaything. I could do whatever I wanted to him—and he would enjoy it.

“I want it slow.”

He positioned his cock at my entrance and slowly pushed inside.

My nails dug into his shoulders, and I breathed against his mouth, my entire body tightening as he moved inside me. “I want it deep.”

He sheathed himself until he was balls deep, his coffee eyes trained on me. He watched my reaction, his face hard as steel and giving nothing in return. He pressed his entire body against me, crowding me against the wall, pinning me down so I had nowhere else to go.

“I want you to come inside me as many times as you can…and not stop until I say so.”

His mouth was slightly parted against mine when he moaned quietly. He was buried deep between my legs, so far inside there was nowhere else to go. His heated desire made him impressively thick, thicker than he’d ever been before.

I used my grip on his shoulders to move myself into him, to pull his cock out and take it in again.

He pushed me against the wall, halting my movements, and started to move. He made long and exaggerated thrusts, dragging them out so they were slow like I wanted.

I almost told him to step back, but it felt too good. A gorgeous man was fucking me nice and steady, hitting me in the perfect spot with every single thrust.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful.” He gripped my wet hair in his fist and kissed me, driving his tongue into my mouth without interrupting his regular thrusts. He breathed hard into my mouth between kisses, but the passion never halted. When we were together like this, I didn’t think about the office. I didn’t think about my friends. I didn’t think about anything else going on in my life. It was pure heat, pure lust. It was the best distraction I’d ever known—even more powerful than a dozen Old Fashioneds.

I gripped his lower back and guided him into me, gripping his powerful body just so I had something to hold on to. My thighs squeezed his waist over and over because I knew exactly what was coming. It was a volcanic eruption between my legs, so searingly hot and powerful. “Hunt…”

He sealed his mouth over mine to muffle my screams. I wouldn’t want anyone to overhear us and complain to the front desk. Brett could easily connect two and two together and draw the kind of conclusions I didn’t need.

Hunt did a great job keeping me quiet, used to the way I came because we’d fucked so many times now. When my screams turned particularly violent, he gave me his tongue and took mine as hostage, forcing me to move with him and keep my silence.

But the climax was so good. I was still throbbing even when it passed. My fingers dug into Hunt’s skin, and I felt a strong wave of affection for this man, hailing him as a god for doing these incredible things to me.

He pressed his forehead to mine when I was finished, catching his breath as he continued to push me against the wall over and over again.

“Your turn.” I gripped his ass and pulled him deep into me, getting as much of his length as would fit before he hit my cervix. “I want it, Hunt. I want all of it.”

He groaned as he pushed harder into me.

“And I want you to say my name as you finish—Titan. Eyes on me.” I wanted to watch him climax, watch him come deep inside my pussy so I would always remember it. I wanted to watch him come undone, for his breathing to pause just before he took a deep breath as he released. I wanted to feel all of his muscles tighten for me, his cock throb as it released mounds of his seed—just for me.

He thrust a little harder, moving his body through the resistance of the water. My back hit the wall repeatedly as he thrust, his hands holding my folded body against him. He kept his hard gaze focused on me, those deep brown eyes looking darker than usual. His jaw was slowly tightening like a screw turning inside a hole.

When he closed his eyes for an instant, I knew he’d hit his trigger. He suddenly thrust harder into me, moving into his climax. The water swished around us, lapping up against the sides from his momentum. “Titan…” He pinned me against him, his ass tight as hell, and he released with a moan. Not once did he close his eyes, his scorching gaze trained on mine. His cock throbbed deep inside me as he dumped all of his come inside my aching pussy.

I moaned when I felt his warm stickiness fill my channel. It was heavy and good, full of Hunt’s powerful desire for me.

His cock slowly softened inside me when he finished, but he kept himself buried between my legs. I wasn’t finished with him yet, and he knew that. His hand moved back into my hair, and he started to kiss me, slowly. He built his arousal back up, knowing he needed to get hard for me so he could give me more of his come.

Because I wanted all of it—every last drop.