The Firefighter (The Working Men Series Book 7)

Chapter Six




Okay, so Isabelle was right.  Teaching Elijah how to have sex made me feel like a damn sex goddess.  From the moment he’d stepped into my apartment, the hunger and need in his gaze was more than apparent. 

For a few seconds, I’d wondered if maybe Isabelle wasn’t also right about his crush on me, until reality came crashing in.  I’d offered to bang a guy who was nearly thirty and had never had sex, of course he was gonna look at me like I’d given him the key to the kingdom of heaven. 

Still, I’d never felt more attractive or sexy than at this moment.  Elijah’s need for me was a drug I could quickly become addicted to.

Keep it together, Mia.  You’re doing this to help him find a woman, remember?  Nothing more.

My inner voice was right, and I definitely needed to remember why exactly I was doing this.  Elijah wanted me, but he wasn’t in love with me or anything.  And I could sugar coat this as much as I wanted, but there was a big part of me that offered to help solely because I wanted to get laid too.

Speaking of big…

I tossed the towel that I’d been using to clean Elijah’s cock, to the floor and then tugged his jeans and briefs off his legs.  I tossed them on the floor, then yanked off his socks and dropped them.

“Thank you,” he said.

I smiled a little.  God, he was so cute and polite.  And now that I’d seen him naked… holy shit.  I knew his body was incredible but seeing him naked brought on a whole new appreciation for how much he worked out. 

I was certain that Elijah had no idea just how fantastic his body was and how many women at the gym probably drooled over him daily.  He didn’t seem to have an ounce of fat anywhere on his body, and one could almost believe that he’d been carved from stone rather than born like a mere mortal. 

His entire body was made of granite-hard muscle and warm skin, and I was itching to lick that truly impressive v-line.  Giving Elijah a blow job was high on my list of things to do to him, but I had a feeling the only thing he was really thinking about was sex.  Once I’d deflowered him, then I could blow his mind with, well… a blow job.

But first, I wanted my own release.  Kissing Elijah was a surprising turn on – I wasn’t lying when I told him he was a natural at it – and the way he’d picked up so quickly on it was also a bit of a surprise.  My concern that teaching such a big, strong man to be gentle was, so far anyway, a non-issue.  Now, just thinking about Elijah kissing my breasts, sucking on my nipples, and his big hands touching my pussy made me soaking wet.

I turned around and smiled at him over my shoulder.  “Can you unzip me?”

His cock – his gloriously large and amazingly thick cock – twitched again.  He was already sporting a semi and another trickle of smugness went through me.  He sat up on the bed and with a visible tremor in his hands, pulled down the zipper of my dress.

As I slid my dress down and let it pool on the floor, my usual trepidation about a man seeing me in my underwear reared its ugly head.  I took a deep breath, straightened my shoulders, and spun around.  I might have a round stomach and my thighs might touch, but I was still beautiful.  I was still…

The thought died in my head as I studied Elijah’s face.  The look of pure delight and wonder on his face made me feel sexy and powerful.  I was wearing a matching set of black bra and panties, and my own lust kicked up a notch when Elijah stared hungrily at my tits.

He was still sitting on the side of the bed and I stepped between his legs.  He was so tall that even with him sitting and me standing, he was eye-level with my mouth.  Not that he was looking at my mouth.  He couldn’t tear his gaze away from my chest, and my feelings of sexiness and power increased.

I reached behind and unclasped my bra, smiling teasingly at him.  “I’ll let you practice how to undo a bra later, all right?”

He nodded, his gaze still planted firmly on my chest.  It was a little adorable the way he lost the ability to speak when seeing me half-naked. 

My usual shyness had completely disappeared, and I let my bra slip off with a wiggle and dip of my shoulders.  I dropped it on the floor with my dress and watched the muscle in Elijah’s temple tick, tick, tick.

He was breathing rapidly and when I glanced down, his cock was fully hard again.  Good lord, did I love me a man with a quick recovery time. 

His hands were clenched into fists on his knees.  Smiling a little, I said, “You can touch them, Elijah.”

He didn’t move.  I wasn’t sure if he was frozen to the spot with lust or fear, so I reached down and wrapped my hands around his fists.  “Give me your hands, honey.”

He uncurled his hands and I guided them to my breasts.  He cupped them gently and reverently and while I appreciated his gentleness, he was acting like I was made of fragile glass.  I put one finger under his chin and tipped his head up until he was staring at me.  His dark blue eyes were stormy with lust and desire, and another muscle in his jaw had joined its brethren in ticking.

“I won’t break, Elijah.  Touch me.”

His shy smile sent a weird trickle of tenderness through me.  I studied his face for a moment, taking in the broad nose, heavy brow, and wide cheekbones.  Maybe Isabelle was right, maybe Elijah wasn’t the best-looking guy in town, but if she could see him now, she’d realize that he was far from unattractive.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.

“You won’t.  Trust me.”  I rubbed his forearms and gave him an encouraging look.  “If you do something I don’t like, I’ll tell you.  Okay?”

“Yeah, okay.”

His gaze dropped back to my breasts and when he gently squeezed them and then ran his thumbs over my nipples, I made an encouraging moan.  He circled my nipples again, groaning under his breath when they hardened.  When he tentatively plucked at my right nipple with his thumb and forefinger, I inhaled sharply, my back arching as pleasure arrowed from my breast straight to my pussy.

He gave me a worried look and I shook my head.  “I liked it.  Do it again.”

He lightly pinched both my nipples at the same time.  I moaned happily before sliding my hands into his hair and tugging his head toward my breasts.  His warm breath washed over my nipples and when he kissed my right nipple and then my left, I made another encouraging moan.

He pressed a kiss between my breasts, both hands squeezing and kneading them lightly, before he kissed across my left breast to my nipple.  When his hot mouth closed around the tip and sucked lightly, I cried out with pleasure.  I squeezed his skull and arched my back, encouraging him to suck harder.

“Oh God,” I moaned, “good, that’s good, honey.  Just like that.”

He grinned up at me, the shyness replaced by an almost boyish confidence.  He played and toyed with my tits, alternating between using his fingers and his mouth to tease and torment.

“Fuck, you’re a really fast learner,” I groaned.

“I like pleasing you,” he said.

I smiled down at him as he kissed between my breasts again.  His sweetness and his tenderness were a welcome change from my previous lovers.  Whether it was just his personality or the fact that he’d never been with a woman, his vulnerability was achingly appealing to me. 

His big hands were rubbing the front of my thighs as he kissed my breasts.  I already knew he’d be too shy to touch my pussy without prompting, so I pushed lightly on his shoulders and stepped back.  It was time to teach Elijah how to make me cum.

“Lie back on the bed, Elijah.”

He did what I asked, lying on the right side of the bed.  His cock was still rock hard and when I curled my fingers into the waistband of my panties, a look of almost painful need crossed his face.  His hand went to the base of his dick and squeezed.  He stroked himself twice before suddenly snatching his hand away, the lust on his face replaced with guilt.

It struck me as a little strange, but I chalked it up to general nervousness.  I smiled at him.  “Go ahead and touch yourself.  I don’t mind.”

He shook his head, red infusing his cheeks as more guilt flooded his face.  I ignored the way my weirdness meter was rising and slowly slid my panties down my thighs.  I stepped out of them and watched the emotions cross Elijah’s face as he stared at my pussy.  Lust was prominent but, weirdly, there was still guilt as well. 

Suddenly worried that I was pushing him to do something he didn’t really want to do, I said, “We can stop, if you want, Elijah.”

His gaze whipped up to mine and he immediately shook his head.  “Christ, no.  Please.”

Relief replaced my doubt and I climbed onto the bed and laid on my back next to Elijah.  He immediately turned on his side and cupped my breast, giving me a quick look.  I tugged his head down to mine and we kissed again.  God, I was rapidly growing addicted to Elijah’s kisses. 

After a few minutes, Elijah pulled back and studied my mouth.  “I want you so much, Mia.”

“I want you too,” I said.  His hand was still cupping my breast, his thumb rubbing back and forth over my aching nipple.  I took his hand and grinned at him.  “Time to teach you how to make me cum.  You good with that?”

“Yes,” he said.  “Hell, yes.”

I giggled and parted my legs before guiding his hand between them.  He cupped my pussy gently, staring into my face as I said, “Just like kissing, the key is to start off soft and slow.  Okay?”


“Good.”  I gave him a saucy smile before tucking my hands under my head.  “Touch me, handsome.”

“I’m not sure, I mean…” 

“It’s all good.  Let’s get you familiar with a pussy first, and then I’ll show you what I like best.  Okay?”

A grin crossed his face and I said, “What?”

“After school special again,” he said.

I laughed and cupped his face, pressing a kiss against his mouth.  “Should I be threatening you with a pop quiz after the lesson?”

He laughed, and the sound brought a twinge of pleasure to my belly.  I kissed his mouth again.  “Touch me, Elijah.”

I gave him an encouraging look as he gently rubbed my wet pussy lips with the tips of his fingers.  I found his look of studious concentration truly charming.  When his finger slipped between my lips and rubbed across my clit, pleasure flickered through my veins.  I arched, grabbing his forearm and moaning softly when he rubbed it again.

He stopped, giving me an uncertain look, and I shook my head.  “Nope, don’t stop.  That feels really good.”

I clung to his arm, my pelvis beginning to rise and fall as he rubbed small circles over and around my clit.  He was touching me gently, maybe a little too gently, but there was something to be said about a man with a soft touch.  I squirmed a little on the bed, letting my thighs fall open when he slid his fingers down my slit to my entrance.  He pushed one thick finger into me, and our loud groans intermingled. 

“Oh,” I moaned when he slid his finger in and out with slow strokes.

“You’re so wet, so tight,” he whispered.

I smiled at him, “You make me wet, honey.  Touch my clit again.”

He moved to my clit obediently and rubbed it.  I placed my fingers over his and rubbed in small, fast circles.  “Like this.”

He let me take control, watching my face as I rubbed his fingers against my clit.  “The closer I get, the harder I like to be touched,” I said.  It was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate on teaching him.  “You can also tug or lightly pinch my clit to – OH!  Oh shit, yes.”

He had given my clit a light tug and I moaned loudly.  “Good, honey.  So good.”

I rubbed his fingers against me again.  It had been so long since I’d had a man touch me and Elijah’s hard body pressed against mine, the feel of his rough fingers against my clit, had me ready to explode. 

“Harder,” I moaned.  I clutched the bedsheets with one hand, my pelvis pumping rapidly against Elijah’s hand.  When he dipped his head and sucked on my nipple, the hot wet pressure of his mouth and tongue tipped me over into my climax.  I cried out, my back arching and my body stiffening as the pleasure washed over me.  Panting, I collapsed against the bed, holding his hand still when he tried to touch my clit again.

“No,” I panted.  “Too sensitive.”

He nuzzled my neck.  “I’m sorry.”

“All good,” I panted again.  “God, really good…”

“You sure?”

I nodded, my chest rising and falling as my body made little tremors.  “Nice work.”

He smiled a little.  “I think it was more you than me.”

I shook my head.  “You definitely made it better.  Next time you can try on your own, yeah?”

“I’d like that.”  He bent and pressed a kiss against my breast.  “You’re beautiful when you cum, Mia.”

“Thank you.”  I rubbed his big forearm.  His cock was pressing against my thigh, hard and hot and leaking precum.  “Are you ready?”

He nodded eagerly.  “Yes.  Are you – are you sure about this?”

“No doubt at all,” I said before spreading my legs wide.  “Time to get rid of that pesky v-card, big guy.”