“I have something to trade!” His voice sounded like a croaking frog because my hand was wrapped around his throat, squeezing. I tried to convince myself going to prison wasn’t worth the few minutes pleasure I’d take strangling the life out of him.

   “I want the fucking money, Deshawn, and your ass rotting in prison as a reminder of what happens to idiots who betray me.” Pushing him hard, I watched as he fell on his ass. Instead of standing up and showing some balls, he knelt there in his weakness, pissing me off even more. Outside of a traitor, I hated nothing more than weakness. I had the sudden urge to choke his whiny ass again.

“I don’t have it.” The fucker lowered his eyes like some damn pussy. “I’ll get it. I promise. Until then, she will be my collateral.” He fumbled in his back pocket pulling out a wallet, then took a picture out, holding it up.

Like I had trouble getting women in my bed. “You want to offer some whore as a guarantee?” My chuckle wasn’t laced with humor but incredulity. Not only was he a thief, but also stupid.

“She’s a virgin and my best friend.” He sounded hesitant about making the offer and I didn’t know if he was a sincere or trying to make me fall for more bullshit.

“Let me get this straight. You want to offer me some innocent to fill my bed until you pay me back?” What the hell was a virgin going to do for me in the bedroom? Deshawn was obviously desperate and the only reason he wasn’t sitting in jail was because my private investigator concluded he had accomplices, and he wasn’t giving them up. Walking over, I snatched the photo from his hand.

The green-eyed, blonde haired beauty was something to look at. I could enjoy a tumble in the sheets with her, that’s for sure. Virgin? Doubtful. A woman that looked like her? No way had someone not tapped that gorgeous ass before. “What game are you playing at now? Who is this bitch?” I was pissed that the woman in the photo was something I wanted. What I wanted? I took!

“Her name is Ashley, and she moved in with me a few months ago after finishing business school.” Deshawn was talking fast, and there was no doubt he was nervous. Embezzling two-hundred-thousand dollars from my company meant he could see up to twenty years in jail. “She’d do anything for me, I’m the only friend she has in New York.”

“You’d hand over her virginity,” I sneered at the idea of the woman being pure, “to save your ass?” If it were true he was a colder sonofabitch than I was, but I doubted there was anything innocent about her.

“It’s all I can offer. All I ask is you not hurt her.” Fucking unbelievable! He offers the woman up, if his words are true, as some virgin sacrifice and asks me not to hurt her?

“You’re a real piece of work.” Looking him over like the piece of shit he was, I thought about what he was offering. My investigator wanted to bleed out the other people involved in the embezzlement, and I needed Deshawn in my back pocket not warning them off as he did that.

“I’m not lying about her being a virgin.” I was stroking my chin and could only assume he saw I was thinking about his offer.

“Here’s my deal. You take it or get ready for the handcuffs. Get off your fucking knees first, act like a man.” The wheels in my head were turning fast, and I hoped I didn’t live to regret this shit. “You said the woman finished business school, you get her in to interview with me. If I decide she’s worth fucking, I’ll consider this deal.”

“I’ll make sure she shows up.” A few drops of sweat dotted his forehead and I wanted to punch him in the face for being so weak.

“You don’t say shit to her about this or about the money you stole. If you do, the deal is off. You’ll pay every fucking dime back you stole from me, too, understand?” Let him think it was about the pussy, I knew the real reason I was letting this happen. I wanted him leading my man to the other’s involved. The minute I had that information, I was turning them all over to the police.

“Promise me you won’t hurt her. Ashley’s a good girl. She doesn’t deserve this.” Now, he gave a damn about the girl? I wasn’t going to let him sleep easy at night.

“I’ll do whatever I want to her. If she agrees to be my property, I’ll make her pay for your deeds.” He opened his mouth to argue, and I held my hand up, glaring. “Get the fuck out of here before I have you thrown in jail.” Deshawn looked like he wanted to argue, but turned away and walked out my office door.

I looked down at the photograph of the woman and felt my cock harden. If she was his friend, as he claimed, then I’d find out what role she played in stealing from my company. She had better hope she pleased me, because I wasn’t known to be a kind lover on the best of days. I fucked hard and enjoyed a woman who liked it rough. The beauty staring back seemed all prim and proper. If she wasn’t the whore I thought her to be, I wanted to dirty her up.