Buying the Virgin (Alpha Billionaires Book 3)



Walking into the club, I glance around. There are women in lace, leather, and some completely nude. None, not a single one of them makes me hard at first glance. Maybe if they were tied up, their bodies pink from my hand, or flogger, or strap I would feel differently.

Shoving my hand in my pocket, I shake my head. I know that’s a lie. I wouldn’t feel differently, because I haven’t in months.

Something is wrong.



My phone rings in my pocket and I quickly reach for it.


“I have someone I think you will like. Sunday at ten,” the voice growls before the call ends.

Pulling the phone from my ear, I watch the screen go black. It lights up a few seconds later with my friend Whitaker’s name. I answer it quickly.

“Sunday at ten, you get a call?” he asks as his greeting.

“I did.”

“Maybe we’ll find what Sterling and Connery have?” He mutters.

My eyes scan the room again, and I wonder if it’s possible. I wonder if we will find what our friends have found by purchasing a woman for ourselves. Would owning a woman be any different than dominating one for the night?

“Maybe,” I sigh. “Pick you up at eight. We’ll shake a tail if we have one,” I offer.

He grunts, and I end the call. Whitaker always has paparazzi following him. A party boy who is not only rich, but used to be a model, and the son of famous parents. People flock to him.

I prefer to be in the shadows. Out of sight, and anonymous. It’s why I work with Sterling. He knows how I am. Although I am fifty percent owner and partner, he is the front man. Most people don’t even know we have ties to one another professionally.

Turning away from the club, I decide to go home. Soon I’ll be at the auction house again, a line of women standing in front of me, and if I’m lucky, I’ll want to purchase one of them.

Unfortunately, whoever the girl is, she won’t be so lucky. I’m not a kind man, nor am I a good man. I’ll hurt her, and I’ll get off on it.

No, this girl, if I find one, she’ll be sold into a life of endless regret, I’m sure. I would feel sorry for her, but that isn’t the man that I am. I enjoy giving pain too fucking much to be that kind of man.


I stand outside the big plain building, staring at a giant black door on the shitty side of town, and tilt my head to the side. I shouldn’t be here. In fact, I should be running as far as I can from this place, this assured hellhole. I can’t do that though.

I have nothing, absolutely nothing.

That’s not exactly true. I do have something, something that Mr. Sam is drooling over. I am a twenty-year-old virgin. My little brother is a ward of the state, but Mr. Sam swears he’ll move him to a better facility.

At eighteen, my brother should be heading to college. Instead, he’s trying to learn how to eat again by himself. A massive head injury six months ago left him for dead, and it left me up to my eyeballs in debt.

Blake and I have different fathers, both deadbeats. Our mother isn’t much better, but she’s tried here and there. When Blake was injured she couldn’t handle it, her addiction took over to mask the pain. She took off four months ago and left me in charge of him, and his debt.

My brother is the only reason I’m even considering this proposition. I don’t know how Mr. Sam’s man found me. All I know is that I was made an offer that I cannot refuse. Blake needs care for the rest of his life, and I aim to give him the best care I can. Even if that means I’m selling my body, and my soul to a stranger.

The big black door flies open and there is a man standing there. His black eyes meet mine and he lifts his chin.

“Ms. Penelope?” he asks.

I gulp, looking down at my feet before I bring my gaze back up to his. “Yes, that’s me.”

He smirks. “You’ll do quite nicely, come inside,” he murmurs standing to the side to allow me passage.

I glance back behind me, taking in the world one last time before I thrust myself into what I already know will be complete darkness. Walking past the threshold, the door closes behind me with a bang and comes with it a finality that I hadn’t anticipated to feel quite so intensely.

“You’ll be kept, then prepared in the basement. You won’t have to wait long,” the man declares.

Following behind him, I take shallow breaths and try to ease my anxiety. My life as I’ve known it is now over. However, a peace surrounds me at the same time. I’m going to help my brother. With my pain will come his sweet relief and safety.