Saving Thomas: A Midway Novel Book Two (Hidden Wings)

Chapter One


“Thomas,” a low voice called.

I glanced up to see Ephraim standing in the doorway with a perturbed look on his face. “Would you like an assignment . . . or not?” He raised a brow and cocked his head to the side.

Ephraim was in dire need of a vacation.

I hopped off my comfortable seat and headed toward him. “Ephraim, dude, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to call my name.”

“Well, as I recall, it wasn’t too long ago you were sent to aid Alex with his assignment.”

“Yeah, but that was his deal . . . a few hours tops. I need to get out of here and—”

“Please don’t say spread your wings. Let me remind you, they could be taken away if—”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. No wings on assignments or they’re gone.”

“They are a treasured gift of the highest regard, and not to be seen in the mortal realm.” He raised his tired brows then pivoted on the pristine crystal floor. “Follow me.”

The file he held in his hand was much thinner than any I’d ever seen. Maybe it was a quick and easy assignment, and hopefully with a cute girl like Alex’s. Those assignments helped make the time pass so much faster.

Ephraim took a seat behind his large desk situated in the middle of the room and opened the file. “This assignment . . . I’m not too sure if you’re up for it.” His eyes shifted to me with a look I couldn’t read.

“Please don’t tell me it’s in Siberia.”

“No, Thomas. This assignment is—”

I held my breath.

“In Hawaii.”

“What?” My heart was palpitating. “You’re kidding, right?”

“You should already know . . . I don’t kid.” A slight grin rose on the corner of his mouth. “Well, most times.”

I knew he was referring to Dom. “Dude, I would seriously give you a hug right now, but I know you’re not too fond of physical contact.”

“Yes, I’m not. But thank you.” Ephraim turned and placed the file on the desk. “Well, you are one of the few Guardians who doesn’t complain about assignments, and this one seemed to fit you best.”

“Thank you.” I still couldn’t believe I was going to Hawaii. Waves, sunshine, and sand. To me, that was as close to Grandia as you could get on Earth.

He gave a curt nod. “You’ll leave immediately. I’ll open a portal to Maui, near the hotel you’ll be staying.”

I loved Maui. An island surrounded by ocean and beaches and waves. If I were mortal, it would be a place I would gladly choose to live.

“Who’s the assignment?”

Ephraim glanced up slowly. “It’s not a female.”


“Thomas, on this assignment you will remain inconspicuous unless it is absolutely necessary to step in.”

“Is the guy in trouble?”

“We’ve received word that Fallen have taken quite an interest in him, which is baffling. He’s a simple mortal, nothing that really makes him stand out.”

“Do you think he’s a Nephilim?”

“No. We’ve confirmed he isn’t, which is why we’re sending you. You’ve had a lot of experience with the Fallen recently, so we’ll need you to investigate. Find out why they’ve taken such an interest in him.”

I sighed. Now that Lucian—the captain of Lucifer’s army—was dead, who knew what they were up to. We weren’t even sure who was leading them now. On Alex’s last assignment we witnessed a human in direct contact with the Fallen. He’d poisoned Eden, which changed things. Who knew how many others they’d manipulate to get what they wanted.

Ephraim exhaled a deep breath. “The Fallen are scrambling to recover since Lucian’s death and Lucifer’s imprisonment. The Darkling have also been proven weak and only able to exit during the night. However, they’ve been seen during the day in overcast conditions.” Ephraim stood from his seat. “I’m sorry, Thomas. There is not much more to go on with this assignment aside from his name and occupation.” He handed me the file and turned around. “Your accommodations will be at a small hotel in central Maui, very close to his office. All of your things will be there when you arrive, and . . . you will have a Watcher to help you.” He paused and flipped over a paper on his desk. “The Watcher’s name is Isaac. He was with Alex on his last assignment, so he is very familiar with what is going on.”

“What’s the assignment’s occupation?”


I feigned a deep sigh. “Well, maybe I’ll get to see more of the island.”

“I’m sure you will. He’s very busy.”

“His name?”

He pushed pages back to the front of the file. “His name is Jeph Whedon of JW Realty. He’s single with no attachments. Seems to be married to his work.”

“Ah. So we should get along very well.”

“Don’t worry, Thomas. You’ll be bonded soon enough. Enjoy your free time with no constraints.”

Easy for him to say. “Have you ever bonded, Ephraim?” It was a fair question. He’d been here since I arrived and I’d never seen him leave his office.

“No, I haven’t.” He sighed and shut the file. “I guess you could say I’m also bonded to my current position.”

“For eternity?”

“For as long as the Creator sees fit.” Ephraim turned quickly and summoned a portal—the air swirled in front of him. “Good luck, Thomas,” he said, stepping back, his hand gesturing toward the portal.

I knew it was his way of getting rid of me.

“You sure you don’t want to join me for some sand and sunshine?” I asked with a wide smile.

“No,” he replied flatly.

“Alright then. I’m off. Thanks again, Ephraim.”

He gave a nod as I offered him a two fingered salute before stepping through the portal.