Saving Thomas: A Midway Novel Book Two (Hidden Wings)

Chapter Six


“Alex!” Kade’s voice bellowed from downstairs. “Samuel! Alaine!”

Something was wrong, I could sense it by the urgency in his voice. Alex was in the bathroom, so I knocked on the door. “They need you downstairs.”


“All of them. It sounds urgent.”

The door swung open and Alex stood in the doorway glistening with water, a towel wrapped around his bare waist. God, he is beautiful.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that or we’ll have to postpone the meeting,” he said with those emerald, bedroom eyes.

My face heated as he headed for the closet, dropping his towel before he entered. Thank God we were inside or I’d have a bolt of lightning strike that perfect ass for tempting me.

After he changed into jeans and a fitted black tee, he grabbed my hand and pulled me with him.

“Wait. They only called you. Not me.”

“You’re the better part of me, so you have to come,” he said, tugging me out the door and down the stairs.

I didn’t argue. There was no arguing with him once he set his mind to something. I’d learned that fairly quickly. Stubborn angel. He’s lucky he was so damn cute.

Emma entered and waved at us as we made our way down the stairs. “I guess there’s an emergency,” she said, waving us to follow her down the hall toward Alaine’s office.

I was a bit apprehensive as we entered. This was the first time since I’d arrived, that we’d had an emergency meeting. Alex must have felt my anxiety and squeezed my hand.

We all stood while Alaine sat at her desk. She’d just gotten off the phone and looked awfully perplexed.

“What’s wrong?” Emma asked.

“It’s Dominic. He was sent out on a mission and hasn’t been in contact. We aren’t certain where he is, but the assignment was pretty bleak. He was sent to Guam because a Watcher said they saw Fallen interacting with a mortal. Because of what happened to Eden, Midway took it as a priority and sent Dominic.”

Alex tensed. “They also sent Thomas to Maui on a similar case—Fallen in contact with a mortal. I talked to him this afternoon, and although he was thrilled to be in Hawaii, he thought it was odd that the mortal had no reason for the Fallen to interact with him.”

“What if it’s a trap?” Kade said. “What if the Fallen are doing this to draw them away—setting them up. Isn’t it odd that Dom and Thomas were sent on these assignments? Both were part of the assignment for Emma and assisted with Eden’s?”

“I’m concerned for their safety,” Emma said. “What if this is part of Lucifer’s plan? We know he’s been plotting against us. What if he’s separating the Guardians and plans to take them out one by one?”

“Is there any way to get in touch with Dominic?” Samuel asked.

“He was given a cell phone, but he hasn’t been answering it,” Alaine replied.

“Maybe he left it in the hotel room. You know Dom. He’s probably out flirting with the locals and left his phone at the hotel. And he has a reputation of not checking in with Ephraim,” Kade added.

“Which is why he was sent to Siberia.” Emma giggled, covering her mouth.

“Dom is resilient,” Alex puffed. “I’ll bet he will show up here in a few days and eat all of our food before he returns to Midaway.”

“Let’s hope so,” Alaine said. “We’ll give it a few days and see if he turns up.”

“I’m going to call Thomas, just in case.” Alex took out his phone and pressed some numbers, then placed it to his ear. We all waited in anticipation, but he shook his head.

“He’s not answering either.”

Alaine stepped forward and laid a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sure they’re both fine. These phones are still new to them and they probably don’t have them nearby.”

Alex nodded and tucked his phone back in his pocket, but concern rumpled his brow. I grabbed hold of his hand and gave it a little squeeze. And through the connection between us I felt a pang of what I could only explain as gratitude.

“We need to lay low for a couple of days, stay inside and just wait until we hear more.” Alaine sat back down behind her desk and opened her planner and began to write. “Alex, please let me know when you make contact with Thomas.”

Alex nodded. “I will.”

“Eden, as for you, just remember what we’ve taught you over these past few days. Concentration and focus is your key.”

Concentration and focus. Those were much harder to master than I expected. Especially when the wind or rain or other elements were in my control with a thought. I was still trying to come to grip with controlling those things. Seeing all that power swirling around me, literally at my fingertips, didn’t help at all with my concentration.

Alaine had given me advice on meditation, and it looked like I had the next few days to learn these steps to help manage my control. Now, with the thought of the threat coming closer, I needed to get serious.

Even if things seemed fine inside the confines of the house and barrier, there were things happening outside in the shadows. Secrets being whispered and plans being made without our knowledge. We had to be vigilant. We had to be ready for battle at any given moment.

I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for this new life. There were so many troubles and stresses that came with it. But it was my life. And I was glad that Alex was by my side, holding my hand through it all.

Back in the room I got ready for bed. Alex stepped out for a while, still trying to get in touch with Thomas. I hoped his friends were okay. I knew he was worried, which compiled the stress he was already feeling about leaving me.

I wanted this nightmare to end, but I knew it was just beginning and I was a new player in this frightening, fatal game.

Limitless pieces of a complex puzzle had been dumped and scattered all around me, and it would take time to sort them out, even before they could start to be put together.

Alex came back into the room, his brow furrowed. “I can’t get in touch with Thomas.”

I patted the spot on the bed beside me. “I’m sure he’ll get in touch with you as soon as he can.”

He sat next to me, his shoulders strained with worry.

I sat on my knees behind him and kneaded his neck. He leaned backward, pushing me onto the bed. In a fluid motion, he flipped over, pressing his body on top of mine. There was one single thing that could always pull us out of any kind of emotional rut. And that was the immortal bond between us. Being close to him was hard enough, but whenever we touched, the bond between us magnified.

“Are you okay?” I whispered, his lips hovering above mine.

“Distracted.” A sly grin rose on his beautiful lips. His right hand caressed my thigh and began to slowly trail upward making me gasp. “How are you?”

“Distracted,” I breathed.

“Good.” He chuckled and pressed his lips against mine.

Then, he took me to heaven and back.