Vampires (Death by Reaper MC, #2)

Chapter 01


“What she needs is to fucking feed!” I roar at Caius, my VP.

I’m frustrated and grasping at straws here. I’m going out of my mind thinking of what to do and still come up empty. The woman, Tessera, who is destined to be my eternal mate, is refusing to feed. I’m watching her grow weaker and fucking weaker by the damn minute.

That’s not even the biggest of our problems. The biggest one is that she wasn’t born a Vampire and Vampires are meant to be born, not created. This means she’s an abomination in the eyes of our law and must cease to exist.

I’m the president of the Death by Reaper MC, Vampire Charter. I’m the one in charge of the Vampires in this district and therefore she’s my problem to deal with. And by deal with I mean End. Her. Life. Because that’s what happens to Vamps who aren’t born as one. But add in the fact that a Vampire has only one eternal mate and she’s mine...I cannot let this happen. She belongs to me, even if she doesn’t realize it.

I have a fucking truckload of dilemmas hanging over my head. Granted, there are some circumstances that allow me time to contemplate how to handle this situation, but again, she won’t feed and therefore is already close to dying. It seems the decision will be taken out of my hands if she doesn’t take blood inside her soon.

“She’s been here for weeks, and fuck knows how long she had been in the basement when we found her, Prez.” Caius shakes his head. “How the hell is she not dead already?”

I’ve been asking myself the same damn question.

Death by Reaper MC has different Charters for each Paranormal type. We happened to find Tessera in the basement of the Heaven Charter. We were helping out the Hellhounds, who belong to the Hell Charter. They needed to do a patch over, seeing the Heaven Charter was going AWOL. It’s a long damn story, but their president had been making half-blood children for years, trying to create his own brand of powerful Supernaturals by combining them.

The woman, my eternal mate, if we created a blood bond that is, has a human mother. Her father was Dedrick Megalos, the President of the Heaven Charter. Meaning she’s half heaven, half human, and now a full damn Vampire because one of my MC, Aura, turned her...and the screwed-up part? Fuck knows if Tessera’s mother was even fully human. Dedrick wanted combinations of types; a mixture of power.

“I want to see my sister,” the very annoying, very loud voice comes from upstairs.

I recognize Eliana, Tessera’s half-sister’s, voice. They share the same father, yet they didn’t know of each other’s existence until a few weeks ago, when we found her in that basement. Another fucked up dilemma? Eliana is half Witch and the scent of a Witch’s blood makes a Vampire go nuts, it’s our aphrodisiac.

Vampires who feed on a regular basis can somewhat control themselves, but somehow Eliana’s scent is stronger. And with Tessera’s nose filling with her scent? Yeah, talk about a disaster waiting to happen because she won’t ever forgive herself if she attacked her sister. “What the fuck is she doing in a damn clubhouse filled with Vamps?”

“She needs to go, man,” Caius groans, leans forward, and grasps his knees as he braces himself.

Like I said, aphrodisiac. I use my enhanced speed to go and handle the problem, coming to a stop when I see half the Hell Charter standing inside my damn clubhouse. Just damn great, fucking Hellhounds.

“What the fuck are you guys doing here, bringing her along with you?” I growl, baring my fangs at Alastair, the Prez of Death by Reaper MC, Hell charter.

Do I need to add he’s kinda my boss? Fucked up, I know...and if I can’t handle the situation with Tessera, he will be the one who will take over. Good thing in all this? Eliana is Alastair’s true mate. Which means his balls are also tangled into this, considering it’s a family matter.

“You didn’t answer my calls or any of my texts. Has she fed yet? I need to know, Jagger. She’s my sister,” Eliana pleads from within the protection of the tight barrier of Hellhounds that have her surrounded.

Smart, forming a barrier like that, but it still doesn’t take the smell of her blood away. “No, she hasn’t. I’m working on it but it’s not like I can force her. And you know damn well you can’t be here. Leave. You’re fucking with all of us, including yourself.”

A growl erupts from behind me as I hear a door burst open. I manage to catch Tessera mid jump as she tries to go for her sister’s fucking throat. Tessera has her fangs out, fighting like hell with so much fury and strength it’s shocking. A normal Vamp, blood born or made, if they’ve survived the transition, would be weak and powerless, or hell...fucking dead after weeks of not feeding. But not her.

“Now you’ve fucking seen her. Get the fuck out,” I growl at Eliana while I bury my fist in Tessera’s hair in an effort to bring her head into the cradle of my neck, hoping to prevent Eliana’s scent from driving her crazy.

Tessera growls against my skin but goes slack in my arms as her nose trails along my neck. Fuck. I don’t have time to think or fucking act when her teeth sink into my neck. The first pull causes my blood to flow onto her tongue, making my eyes roll into the back of my head. Pleasure shoots through me in a way I’ve never experienced.

“Fuck. Everybody out. Now, dammit, now. Out!” I hear my VP bellow.

Within seconds the whole clubhouse is empty, and it’s for good reason too. My body goes flying the next instant, hitting the wall with great impact. I don’t feel any pain and am on my feet before she advances.

The corner of my mouth twitches. “Feeling better already, Angel?”

With her pale skin, long black silky hair, and the most amazingly stunning blue me, she’s a pure Angelic vision. Maybe it’s a bit tainted now because my blood is dripping from her fangs, flowing down her chin. Fuck. My dick was hard when her teeth sank into me but now? It’s ready to burst.

“I need more,” she hisses.

“I bet you do.” I smirk, making her hiss some more.

Tilting my head to the side as an invitation, I hold up my hand and wiggle two fingers at her to come forward.

Her eyes narrow. Smart woman to doubt my intentions. “What’s the catch?”

“Tit for tat,” I simply say. “If you drink from me, I’ll be needing some fuel back.”

I try like hell to keep my emotions in check because this is not as simple as I’m stating it to be. What I’m trying to persuade her into is a damn blood bond; mating for life. Us being Vamps means for an eternity. This will strengthen the both of us and a power exchange will boost our connection on a higher level. Meaning I would be able to find her anywhere on this fucking earth, we would be able to communicate through thoughts, and vice versa.

Her tiny pink tongue slips out and licks away the blood dripping down her bottom lip. Her eyes close for a flash before they open. With my enhanced sight I can clearly see the blue in her eyes brighten as a swirl of neon green starts to leak around her pupil. She’s starting to fully change and it’s my blood completing her.

My gaze travels down to where her perky nipples are pressing through the silky white dress she’s wearing. It’s not the hunger for my blood she’s craving. Her body wants mine the way every cell inside me wants her. And I will have her, but now is not the place nor the time. I want us to have the bond set in place before I make sure she’s fully aware of what’s going on with us. Before I take her fully as mine, in every way.

I wait until she comes to me willingly, slowly taking a step forward while her eyes travel all over my body. It’s as if she’s monitoring my every move and every inch of my body, documenting it for safekeeping.

“I’m not going anywhere, Angel. I’m all yours,” I tell her in a husky tone.

I can feel her heartbeat pick up. Even though they call us Vampires the undead, we’re very much alive and kicking. Meaning we bleed, we breathe, and we have a damn heartbeat pumping our blood around. Sunlight? I bathe in that shit because nothing can hurt us. Well, there’s only one thing that can kill us, and it’s cutting off our head.

I know the rumor about how fire can kill us too, is only the case when we’re burned to a crisp and our heads fall off. Other than that? If we’re still intact, it might take us weeks to recover, but we will heal completely.

Tessera’s eyes are set on my neck as the words whisper over her cherry painted lips. “I want taste, and smell, so good. I need to have you.”

“Then by all means,” I take a step forward, leaving some space in between us for her to close when I add, “take me.”

Her teeth sink back into my neck as soon as I’ve said those words. Fucking bliss. I can barely hold my damn orgasm back. That’s how much pleasure she gives me from just one damn bite. She pulls back and lets her tongue dart over the puncture wounds.

Locking her gaze with mine she gives me a shy smile. “I guess you want your little snack now too, huh?”

I don’t consider my eternal mate a damn snack.

Shit. I voiced those words inside my head but her reaction? “Tell me you just heard my thoughts in a reaction to your statement? It’s the reason you’re looking at me with those wide eyes, right? And, dammit. That’s not supposed to happen until after we’ve forged our bond. But you heard me loud and clear, huh? That I don’t consider you a damn snack.”

She swallows and gently nods her head.

“Any questions before I make you mine?” The corner of my mouth twitches. No reason to beat around the bush about this.

“Over a million.” She catches her bottom lip between her teeth to take a moment to think before letting go and adds, “But those can wait, because from what I understand...what I feel...uhmmm, what my body is telling me...there’s no way out of this.”

Over the few weeks she’s been here we’ve talked a few times a day while she kept herself locked in the basement. We haven’t spoken too much recently though since she locks down as soon as I bring up how she was captured and ask what happened. She refuses to talk about it and that isn’t helping us one bit to get more information about the situation we’re in.

Every time I would take a step closer to her, she would lock down too. With what she just said, it’s clear she understands and has been feeling the pull between us but has tried to fight it. It’s useless and undeniable; we belong together. It’s something that’s rooted in our DNA, two souls thrown into this world to end up together at some point in life. Our time has come, and from this moment on, we’ll be sharing eternity. Together.

“Come here,” I croak, barely keeping my emotions in check.

She closes the distance between us without taking a damn step. The ability to levitate is something all Vampires possess. Only those with high up ranks, like me, are able to sprout wings from their backs when they need to fly. Not that I’ve used them a lot though, they’re ugly as fuck. Like those of a bat. I’m curious though, as rumors state my mate would also have the ability to fly so she’d have wings too. Bet those bat wings would look totally badass on her.

Our gaze is locked, our bodies mere inches apart, and the hunger, the need to have one another, is crackling around us. Her head tilts gently to the side, offering herself to me. In my life, I’ve taken blood from someone’s neck uncountable times. Yet this moment right here is about to become the first in my history which has any meaning. Fucking special. There’s nothing that will ever come close to the way I feel now.

Leaning forward, I let my tongue trail over her pulse. Opening my mouth, my fangs sink into her pale flesh and a rapture of essence fills me. Her breathing picks up and she buries her fists into the shirt I’m wearing. There’s a reason my VP cleared the damn room; giving us the privacy we need. Tessera violently shudders through her orgasm. An orgasm caused by my bite; our bond.

Gratitude hits my chest and I’m thankful I’ve been able to find my mate after centuries. The way she gives herself to me is indescribable, and so is she. There’s absolute power flowing down my throat and it’s not only due to our mating. It’s her. Her blood tastes different. Maybe it’s because she’s a combination, half human, half guardian. Maybe I’m tasting heaven itself, because it sure seems that way.

I want more, so much more, but I manage to pull myself away, licking the puncture wounds to get one final taste. With her breasts pressed against my chest, her eyes closed and her face the visual of pure bliss...I want to take her so damn bad. But I can’t, not right now, I have too much respect for the woman who will be with me for eternity.