Sin City Baby: A Reverse Harem Accidental Marriage Romance


Am I hallucinating?

At this point, my heart was racing a million miles a minute.

With a confidence that shocked me, I stood there like a mystical goddess cherishing the way the brothers soaked every unclothed vision of me.

Their eyes were both spellbinding and ravenous.

Liam came inches before me and placed his hands on my ass before gripping my hips, pulling me closer to his thickening cock as our tongues collided.

My hands threaded through his thick brown hair, feeling the way his slight scruff brushed against my face.

I poured myself into him, relishing the dream that was finally coming true.

This moment was meant to be.

“Sam,” Liam said breathlessly.

But before I could say anything, I felt someone take my arm and whip me around.

I fell into Levi’s arms, and he crashed his lips against mine. I whimpered with desire at his touch.

Another dream.

Another brother.

My body was alive. Coursing with unused energy I wanted so badly to release into them. For years, I’d dreamt of what it would feel like to kiss them.

To be with them.

To feel their hands against my waist. And as Levi ground his hips against mine and pulled my body close to his, the more I settled into the natural rhythm building between all of us.

His tongue lapped deeply at me, raking along the roof of my mouth and sending shivers down my spine.

His hands gripped me tightly, massaging my nipples to pert peaks before he slipped my bra straps off my shoulders. I whimpered against his lips, feeling mine swell at the connection. My mind was swirling, and my body danced with a heat I didn’t want to put out.

I wanted it to burn me.

I wanted it to take control.

I wanted to finally feel the all these men against me.

Another tug at my arm pulled me from Levi’s grasp, and I spun into the arms of Luke. His arms reached out for me, guiding me into him as I tripped over my own two feet. He caught me in his grasp and mesmerized me with those emerald eyes.

So unlike his brothers’ eyes, yet so much like his nurturing personality.

I threw myself at him. I couldn’t help it. I fisted his shirt and pulled myself towards his lips, wanting to get my hands on the silent yet beautiful brother. His hands gripped my ass, pulling me closer to him as his thick dick throbbed against my pussy. Heat grew between my legs as I kissed him deeply, relishing his taste.

His warmth. His touch.

I pressed my lips to his and fireworks burst in my brain. His touch was soft. His caresses were gentle. But his cock was rock hard. I shivered in his lap as his fingertips danced up my spine, caressing every divot and stoking a fire in my gut that threatened to take me under.

“Luke,” I said breathlessly.

“What is it darlin?” he asked.

His eyes opened, and I couldn’t stop gazing into them. Our foreheads connected, and I breathed the warm air between us as his hand came around to cup my breast.

“I’m waiting.”

Logan’s deep voice drew me from my trance. I turned my gaze to his. I cupped my hand around Luke’s hand that was resting on my breast, forcing him to give it a little squeeze. I kissed the tip of his nose before stepping away from him, finally taking control of my own destiny. I found my footing and felt confident in what I wanted as my hands slid behind my back. I unhooked my bra and let it slide to the floor, revering in the way all the brothers raked their eyes along my body.

Then I turned to Logan with a fire in my stare, watching his playful eyes dance along my body.

“How long have you been waiting?” I asked as I planted my palms on his chest.

“So much longer than you’ll ever believe,” he said.

His arms wrapped around me in a flash and our lips collided.

He lifted me off the ground in his arms and promptly placed my back onto the bed. His hands forced my legs open, spreading them as my hands raked through his hair.

I sucked on his bottom lip, pulling groans from Logan’s throat as I felt a pair of lips press against my inner thigh.

“Oh, my gosh,” I said breathlessly.

I peeked down and saw Liam between my legs.

He gave me a confident little wink, then I watched his tongue dip between my folds. He pressed into my clit, and I shook against his face, feeling his light scruff scratch against my dripping lips.

I didn’t want this moment to ever end.

And if this was a dream, I didn’t want to wake up.